Read any book about personal success and tell you pay attention to the details. Sounds like good advice that you have not mastered the basics – in this case, at least is the worst advice you can receive. Every day people send me questions like this: you should use fast effect protein powder as Whey or Casein would be better? That if I mix the two with a bit of soy? If you use the three in which proportions shall take them? do see the problem here? These questions are legitimate, but they are useless if they eat donuts all day sitting in the armchair. CVS Health is open to suggestions. Take care of your diet, start to move the body and then you can worry about the little things. Emerson said: a pillar height is determined by the width of its base. The heights you reach will depend entirely on that so solid are your foundations.

Great coaches like Vince Lombardi and John Wooden attributed his success to make that his players will focus on the basics. Forget all those things without importance, until you have dominated the basics. Forget doses of supplements forget micronutrient cycles forget about manipulation of rhythm forget indexes glucemicos. Forget the latest Bulgarian or Russian programs of periodization. Focus first on the basics. The key to fat loss include: 1 get cardio, 2 lifts weights, 3 burns more calories than you consume, 4 eat five or six times to the day and never brinques you meals, 5 keep your fat intake low, but includes small amounts of fat are good, 6 eat natural foods, avoid processed foods eaten refined, 7 eat more complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, 8 consuming lean protein at every meal, 9 think positive: visualize you as you would like to be. If you’re not doing these things and are looking for the right combination of supplements or periodization plan optimal, I’m afraid that you are barking at the wrong tree.