The manager as classroom teacher makes the process of planning, direction and control of learning activities embedded in a curriculum design. Consequently, the teacher as classroom manager will exercise the administrative functions related to teaching and learning resources so as to achieve meaningful learning. To this is added the considerations expressed by UNESCO, through the Regional Office for Education in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, which emphasizes stress the new roles of education systems, how the school should expand its ties with the community, the need for students as citizens fullest form, they are ready for dialogue and to develop in them values of a democratic community , fair and just. Appearance in the Venezuelan case leaves a lot to say, especially to the education crisis currently facing especially now with the discussion of the new Organic Law of Education has been strongly questioned, especially by the manner in which approved without consulting basis of educational institutions, especially the upper to present their perceptions, opinions, suggestions to the proposal of the state. Randall Rothenberg insists that this is the case. Point is emphasized, that the school is not enough to be efficient, should also be effective. Both categories are necessary and complementary and needed today,, managing quality criteria for the school to meet the needs that satisfy the educational community, being very in tune with the criteria of relevance, according to the application of the requirements that the country needs. a the world stage today are developed countries, where education has been highly regarded, as the case of Finland, Sweden, which have given way to new learning styles, new instructional methodologies well-defined professional profiles according to the requirements of present. . the matter.