Friday, December 17 all teams qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League phase were awaiting the draw which would decide with which teams will have to dispute the passage to quarterfinal. Sixteen teams, only eight will pass, and among these sixteen are three Spaniards, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Valencia. Valencia was the first to meet his rival, Schalke 04. Jury and Raul will return to a Spanish playing field since they left their computers at the end of last season. A related site: Chris Berman mentions similar findings. A Valencia in high positions of the classification against a Schalke 04 that has tested the latest posts of the Burdersliga. Real Madrid will face the Olympique de Lyon, which last season eliminated him Champions League also in the second round.

Olympique Lyon promises to face Real Madrid even stronger than last year, while the whites, second in the table, aims to change the curse that the past years pursued you in Europe. Finally, FC Barcelona will face Arsenal Cesc Fabregas. The team led by Wegner does not forgive to Barcelona’s elimination in the quarterfinals the previous season or the continuous scores to Cesc; FC Barcelona meanwhile will look for that European title that escaped last year and this year is not ready to forgive. All parties will have an additional motive to the classification that will give them even more excitement and even more reason to wish the victory, which ensures emotion and spectacle from the first until the last whistle of the referee. Any football fan should miss these games, and the best way of securing tickets to see everything live is