Childbirth Through Yoga

In ancient yogic scriptures state that the subconscious of man from the 120th is dominated days after conception until birth fundamentally. This is consistent with current scientific knowledge, which to confess to the prenatal period a weighty contribution to the development of the child. Depending on how a mother’s pregnancy and birth experiences, depending on what feelings and thoughts they move in that time, the basic pattern of self-esteem, confidence and security but also create uncertainty in the child. What was even dismissed as impossible a few years ago, is now considered by scientists from more and more into account: the basis of the mental development of a child is already determined in the womb. The specially focused on pregnancy supports women, the stage of pregnancy, birth and family education and awareness at the same time as relaxed as possible to experience. yoga offers proven techniques from the tradition of Kundalini yoga to the development of body awareness and Stamina. Special breathing exercises and physical exercises to prepare for the birth. In Germany, the Schwangeren yoga was founded in 1978 in Hamburg by the working group on natural birth “rediscovered.

The initiative to set up went back to the influence of the then popular French gynecologist and obstetrician Frederick Leboyer. Since 1994, women from the Berlin Working Group on prenatal yoga and be trained to Schwangeren yoga. Meanwhile, this training in other cities such as Munich, Halle and Darmstadt is offered.