Best thing would of course, dog owners really humanely could feed their animals, that is to say, would get on the so-called naturefood. This biologically appropriate raw feeding (B.a.r.f..), the dogs get fresh meat and vegetables, herbs, oils, etc., which thus correspond exactly to the physiological needs of animals. But because it is often time hardly possible for a dog to feed fresh meat and vegetables, it is the best alternative is to choose a ready-made food, which corresponds to the highest quality criteria and meets the needs of the dog and even taste them! This possibility is there with the products of the company natura vet from Osnabruck, a strictest quality criteria and with the highest professional knowledge-producing small and especially independent company. “The dog of Canis 2000 plus” Natura vet as one of the very few dog food products worldwide in a gentle Coldpressure process produced. This means that fed the dog not with inferior quality extruded parts, but all are important for him and useful vitamins and nutrients remain intact.

In addition the lining in the stomach does not swell (which is usually the case when conventionally produced animal feed). In the stomach of the dog Canis is 2000 plus on naturally into its components resolved optimally exploited and digested. So, the stomach is not overstretched and the danger of a sudden turning of the stomach is reduced to a minimum. Also this cold pressed food supports the intestinal peristalsis, because the natural colon cleansing of equity is promoted and leaves little chance of a parasite infection in the intestine. In Canis 2000 plus no animal or vegetable by-products are used but only certificate meat and herbal substances in strict and regular controlled food quality processes. In addition, no fillers are used (inferior accessories that simply increase the quantity of conventional feed).

So the food is perfectly digestible and the necessary amount of feeding less, accordingly transmits what is on the sales volume of feces a great advantage, one thinks of many dogs living in cities. All the ingredients are in balanced quantities and the physiology of the dog appropriate compositions gently processed fresh and without the addition of foreign substances. With natural seedlings, herbs, seaweed, Canis is 2000 plus oils and alumina pure and natural mineralised and preserved. Canis 2000 plus by natura vet at a glance: – gently cold pressed swells in the stomach not to free of dyes and preservatives – no flavour enhancers, without synthetic additives – all vitamins and minerals are purely natural – no fillers highly digestible, low feeding quantity – over 60% fresh meat before Drying (in sports 70%) – without animal and vegetable by-products – no wheat, soy, and dairy – with enzyme-activating sprouting seeds from naked OAT and Brown millet – with salmon oil (rich in omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids) – under the constant supervision of an independent laboratory – GMO-free Canis 2000 plus now more and more vets, breeders and enthusiastic consumers recommended and can be purchased in Germany at. In Austria, the convinced natura vet for years, holistic veterinarian has Dr. med. vet. Jutta Ziegler in Hallein near Salzburg acquired the central sales for the products from natura vet and targeted dietary advice and-umstellung to the clients of their practice, numerous dogs can get rid of suffering and disease. In Austria, Canis 2000 plus via the Web pages of Dr. Ziegler can be obtained:,, as well as the online shop of Dr. Ziegler’s natural food shops:.