The trend towards more color emerged from the trendy Colorblocking of last years modern and busy women choosing their fashion increasingly rely on practically comfortable chic. For the designer a reason more flat shoes, and chic unusual skillfully to put in scene. Candy – or pastels, stripes, points, flowers or fancy decor: the upcoming summer fashion presents itself again strikingly colorful. The trend towards more color emerged from the trendy Colorblocking of recent years. Orange tops were combined with purple skirts and Red Blazers, yellow pants worn green shirts.

The extraordinary colours of bright full tones were initially expression of a new sense of leisure in everyday life and in the world of work soon. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Minute Clinics. The dull look of black and gray seemed to belong to the past. But at some point it was slightly too colorful even the trend most aware women and they turned up on a new coloration. Now determine back feminine pastels, delicate floral pattern and playful details to the world of fashion. Particularly striking: Women have rediscovered the sporty comfort and wear again flat shoes.

No wonder, because who employed and the mother constantly is on the legs, feels in high heels on the duration bit comfortable. But in the recent past, the shoe designer focused more on making extravagant platform sandals, Stilettos and high front pumps. Meanwhile ballerinas, Espadrilles, stage flip-flops, sailing shoes and slippers retook the terrain of shoe fashion. As a result, more color had used to been stepmotherly handled athletic shoes. The trend to short skirts, dresses and shorts to wear flat shoes, went out a few years ago mainly by young women. Naturally, were sexy shorts and mini skirts to sneakers and flat Sandals combined, and the man confidently demonstrated that charisma and appeal has nothing to do with the height of the heels. The new shoes are true also with flat heels Eye-catcher, which show themselves in turquoise and pink, bright red and sunny yellow. Details, applications, exceptional accents and colours play an important role. Golden stage flip-flops with deck soles of black lacquer, with silver and Red straps, sailing shoes and Espadrillen with Teal and purple patterned upper materials from textiles are stylishly worn short as long dresses and skirts. For the upcoming summer season, the designers that have considered is what women want. And flat shoes, smart business outfits and wonderfully colourful unusual made of easy-care fabrics. Mini, MIDI or Maxi: what like is allowed. Feminine and figure-hugging dresses prove that size zero is a thing of the past. Modern and self-confident women show that there are infinitely many ideal measurements. And so the new unusual in all sizes, cutting guides, colors and patterns present themselves. Charming wrap dresses pink cotton, colorful dresses with wide swinging skirts and elegant sheath dresses in Rose and orange to reflect the stylish understatement of their wearers. Also here is not saved with details. Pleated pockets and waist bands, pretty buttons and binding loops are attractive eye-catchers. The versatile designs range from the striped Navy look romantic polka dot pattern to imaginative flowery in all variations. The new colourful summer fashion is at all large and small, lean and strong women, because the send unusual in sizes 32 to 48 are available in many stores.