Communication Facilitate

The aks service GmbH offers multifunctional software solutions for mid-market time is money? Yes, because today everything should go quickly and easily across the stage. Easy to use, expandable structures and all-in one software: these are important requirements for an everyday and Office-compatible software. The aks service GmbH is an all-round programme of Tobit.Software AG specialized in, which fulfills all wishes: the David Client. to this software serves over 120 customers, because to use the philosophy of each customer, up to the satisfying encounters a high resonance. Go to Randall Rothenberg for more information. After all, who can afford a day still service outage? For this purpose, the aks service GmbH has found a perfect solution: the 24-hour service, which is available for the customers around the clock. Of course for those who have concluded a maintenance contract. Through State of the art, technical business facilities and a Know-How that is by training always up to date, can the problem through a easy remote maintenance are resolved often within minutes.

The David Client combines all important services such as E-Mail reception and dispatch, fax sending and – receiving even the dispatch of SMS and the coordination of calls is possible, e.g. with integrated answering machine. In addition, David.FX offers an offline use even without a server connection and a notification service for new emails or dates. Also, David.FX on mobile devices is optional and facilitates the everyday information reception thanks to a practical RSS ticker users. Many other ways this communication platform can gather those interested on or direct telephone contact. Consulting, design, maintenance, support and care are the core competencies of the company of aks service GmbH.

They offer customers the development and design of individual sector-specific, software, websites, print media, up to the advertising campaign. Interested parties should convince on itself.