Corporate Policy Google

According to the Corporate Policy Google, the company does not publish data on the financial success of some regional offices in countries around the world. But despite that, the Internet hit the financial results of Russian branch of Google – ooo "Google." According to these data, the income of the Russian Google in 2009 increased by 57% to $ 69.3 million, while net profit was $ 4 mln.Na Russian market of search engine Google ranks second after Yandex with a share of 22,1% (as of June 2010). Yandex has received more than half the market – 64,6%. In financial terms, Google still lags behind the more Yandex – its revenues in 4,2 times less than that of a leader who in 2009 was able to get $ 306.5 mln.Dohod third major player in the search market – (Market share 7.2%) – also more than Google, even if you do not take into account the revenue from the gaming industry – he will be 30% more. The essential difference between the two companies is that Google earns on contextual advertising, and – at mediynoy.Eksperty, interviewed by the publication of Gazette, estimated that in this case, the operating profitability of Google would be 16%, which, in their opinion, too little for the Internet company. In Yandex this figure is even higher – about 28-35%. Representative of the Russian office of Google declined to comment on any numbers that were heard in the internet.