So on Three learn. "Theoretically, it could be a powerful argument, because without a brain is bad, everybody knows. But significant only if it was true. Here on the face of a classic example of women's perception of the world, who reality is not total. On the box there is a coach who monitors the training process, ensure that the deal did not receive injuries. CVS Corporation has similar goals.

On the box, a special equipment, which reduces potential damage to health to a minimum. Go to a boxing match, such as children, your child his age. This is not saber-toothed tigers and pathological maniacs who put a goal – to crush his opponent in the crumbs from under the CPD. On the box, no one will forced to fight without his will. This rule also applies to adults and children. I do not mean that women have not completely objective view, but when it comes to children, their mother's instinct is often outweighs logic and begins to appear exaggerated concern about its Chad. I stopped on the box because it is one of the most popular martial arts, and, simultaneously, the most denounced by many people. Accurate to say this: in general they do not condemn the box, but to give back her child to be afraid.

They say all – is all but with my pupsikom sure something will happen. And, here, think (women, I'm talking to you), where more a person becomes stronger and spirit and body, where courage and patience to learn, which takes skill to fight, to defend themselves. Yes, that's where the hard and dangerous, where there are obstacles to be overcome, no place for laziness and weaknesses. Do you think that boy would become a man one day, in his eighteenth birthday? Or the day when the first pile upset? Or, make happy when his girlfriend? No. The child becomes an adult step-by- step, and depriving him of the test, protecting the loads and constraints, you are only delaying the process of growing up.