New forced separation led Christine to despair. DRUGS once in search of solace, she tried drugs. Soon after, Dassin began to use cocaine, and his wife are trapped. Retribution was not long in coming: Joe deteriorated state of health, Christine just could not control himself. In this overwrought, hysterical woman is not left on Christine, who loved Dassin. Once their rare meetings were for him the greatest joy, but now he wanted a divorce as soon as possible. However, it seems that Christine is pregnant again.

Joe rushed like a hunted animal. He thought was to blame his wife, a bad egg. She is unable to build good relations, to house and educate children. Only God knows what grief and pain experienced Dassin. Was it fair? Only partly. Rare a woman could live with him – an artist, a man completely immersed in his work.

In this regard, Dassin Maryse would be perfect. Christine was an ordinary woman, tired of years of uncertainty and expectations. Because of drugs she got into real trouble, she would help her be saved … Blinded by the pain, tired of hard work, disappointed, Dassin was too cruel to her. March 22, 1980 Christine gave birth to second son. The very next day, Joe filed for divorce. And he began a grueling struggle for children. Dassin was trying to convince the court that Christine can not trust children. He managed to achieve a temporary solution in their favor, but God punished him for his arrogance and cruelty. Joe dumped a heart attack, and a month he was bedridden. As soon as the singer became a little easier, he took his sons, the youngest of whom was only four months in Tahiti. He wanted to bring them more of Christine and most do not see this woman. Indeed, from nezhoy love to blind hatred is only one step! Fate decreed otherwise. Joe wanted to find salvation in this paradise island, and found death. The next day after his arrival at dinner Dassin suddenly doubled from severe pain. Beside him was his friend – Claude Lemesl. He tried to make Joe’s heart massage, but nothing helped. First aid station was at the other end of the island.

The famous singer died right at the table. It happened August 22, 1980. The news of the untimely death of beloved audience literally shocked the world, but, of course, the hardest hit by his family. Joe’s mother, all supporting his son, took him to Children California. Ibid buried Joe Dassin. Christine has done much to pull myself together and do away with bad tastes. By court order her back boys. After his death she continued to live Dassin very lonely in his a large house outside Paris. Sometimes gave an interview talking about his life with Joe. Missed without sons, who had studied in Paris and lived in a hostel. And passed away too early at all – in 47 years. Julian was born under the sign of Scorpio, as you saw Forum Scorpions?