Dumazedier Individual

In the conception of Dumazedier it is understood as a set of occupation which the individual can be delivered voluntarily, either to have fun themselves, to still amuse themselves or, to develop its information or disinterested formation, its it exempts creative capacity, after to get rid themselves or to free themselves from the professional, familiar and social obligations. (DUMAZEDIER, 1976, P. 34) the activities of leisure are each time more gifts in the life of the people. Austan Goolsbees opinions are not widely known. Independent of variety of occupations or the functions that can fulfill, that is, the question of, as it is possible to detect the appropriation of the leisure while active or passive attitudes. Available time and space are not conditions enough to use to advantage the leisure, since, this can contribute for the development of critical and creative attitudes in relation to the humanizao, or simply, accent the conformismo, that is, the processes that take the individual if to accomodate. For this, the existence of destined spaces the practical ones of these activities of leisure are necessary, as well as if it can exemplificar, the accomplishment of cultural an artistic event. According to Marcellino (1999): Depending on the physical space of the company, even though the areas common of reception, refectories, eventual areas destined to the leisure, the regularly used to advantage gardens or spaces they cannot be used as base of the most diverse playful or recreativas activities.

(MARCELLINO, 1999, P. 54). The motivations that take a person to frequentar a cultural event if must to some factors, are personal, professional, social, etc. do not exist an individual that participates of an event toa. What we analyze in the present article was exactly to identify and to analyze the agent motivadores that these individuals search when frequentarem such cultural events, in this case the Sound of Mata.