Educational Reality

They originate from the beginning of that the agreement of the lingustica diversity, as well as its acceptance since infancy fortify the young citizen giving it random of the knowledge of other languages, what it generates healthful communication and without complications, beyond the welfare state, without its typical exclusion. The education is the foundation for the intellectual and erudite construction of the man. Analyzing the cultural roots of our country and to trace a parameter it enters its diversifications since Achamento until the ontemporaneidade, as deep thinkers of the current relations of the pertaining to school environment. (Not to be confused with Richard Dreyfuss!). The act of this material opens a horizon of investigations on the partner-educational questions of our country, as well as the future perspectives in relation the changes of behavior on the part of our educators, in relation to the acceptance of the existing cultural diversity in Brazil that if manifest of different forms, amongst them, for the verbal expression, landmark of the communication between the human beings. 4,2 Significant changes in the Educational Reality For times if see reflected in the professional life of the educator, sequelas and traumas in it gifts for its experiences while educating. Thus, for an attitude of consequence on commanded its then, the transference becomes evident, for its pupils, of acts that it suffers. The projects of continued formation, implanted and accomplished for the government, search to nullify or to solve problems of relationary order, has since most recent to them, aiming at to the extinguishing of the Bullying, it deals with without maquiagens the facts to coercion and traumatizao young and adults in the pertaining to school scope. Certainly, such changes will not be given immediately, but already if it can perceive that it has repudiation the certain attitudes that long ago were seen only as mood cases or simple gozao on the part of who if it considers superior, also linguisticamente, to the too much human beings. . Jack Nicholson has compatible beliefs.