Then we have to watch them together, and the initiative did not come from me and from my boyfriend. As the show more interesting, I started doing the exercises. Moreover, we also do exercises together, although my boyfriend vision is excellent. Full course we looked at two weeks. Whereupon found that after a month, Professor Zhdanov will lecture in our city.

All this month I have been actively involved herself, every day, regular exercise. Our efforts were not wasted – a month later I saw a great glasses with glass to -8 diopters. It is worth mentioning the motivation. Everyone it – their own, but she is so magical, “kick”, which makes the exercise. For me it is – Pregnancy and childbirth independent. At high degree of myopia can only give birth by caesarean section, and it is unacceptable to me – if only because, after such an operation, subsequent pregnancies may be difficult or even impossible.

Motivation can be different – for example, the complete absence of vision. By the way, get rid of the blindness is also possible with exercise. So, back to the chronology of my events. After a week’s course of lectures I have a hard time served all the exercises. Even changed the way of life: quit her job to devote the day can be important – his eyesight. Changed his glasses at once to -6. You should have seen the faces of workers in optics, where did I score! Usually people come to him to insert a glass column. And I – on the contrary, ordered glasses weaker and weaker. Gradually began to fade enthusiasm, I began to take time off from exercise, give yourself rest in the evenings and on weekends. Began to weaken the belief that this method works. Of course, I totally did not give up exercise, but did it without enthusiasm. Two months later, I and my boyfriend attended a seminar “Healing pulse” on how to Goltis. Once again, I felt a surge of forces. Goltis developed a special set of exercises to restore vision. For a while I worked on his technique, but gradually my will again start to give up. Now I have a new burst of energy. I think this is due to the fact that I grief idea to create a site that will benefit many people. A positive example of his own – a necessary condition in order to motivate and instill faith in people. I am doing an exercise with pleasure and have I feel positive changes. Confidence in victory and support loved ones doing their job: Every day I notice you start to see without glasses small parts that previously could not see. And it gives strength to move forward into the future, where there is no place points!