In the distant youth, we had some problems with disassembly and assembly of front forks bike IL. Not every adult can tell and show us how to do it. Although motorcycle IZH and produced in our country, and not in faraway Japan or Germany, straightforward instructions for a teenager missing. Various details, though not as much, but there were anyone who dared to make disassembly and assembly for the first time, faced with some difficulties. Official site: Diane Keaton. As correctly and in what order to unscrew the plug, how to remove it so as not to damage the site, how to replace seals or verify their status as a fill and drain work and washing liquid and a liquid composition of the apply in certain weather conditions. All this for a teenager, that is me, the owner of the motorcycle IZH yunnogo, was some of the difficulties and get good advice was not possible, except for those like me teen, already done the similar repair. It's not uncommon these tips turned out to be wrong, that entailed a new failure, but added, though bitter, but his experience, which does not compare to the instructions. Instructions – it's good, it is an experience Many people experience test and producers gathered in one place. At the moment there is no lack of instructions, the Internet is filled with lots of information, we can only extract it, and properly applied is not so I recently came across an interesting book, which is not that described by IZH motorcycles, but had instructions for disassembling and assembling the front fork motorcycle IZH, it seemed useful to me, because now in the CIS is a lot of owners IZH bike and I hope that this instruction will be beneficial to people, but rather young people who do not have a number of people able to suggest how to repair the front fork of 'Izha'