New book arose from the think tank in Heidelberg Heidelberg In 2007 the idea of the frightening messages that arrive every day on us, to create a counterpoint, was born the idea of the day lyrics by Alexander Nastasi. Since then, born 1970 in Heidelberg, married writer every day is a beautiful thought on the Internet It quickly created a fanbase, and soon the desire to bring the texts in printed form, for example, to a hospital. First, the soul dangle books were a kind of insider’s tip among friends and acquaintances quickly it spread but, you can make only one which relax with these texts, and can enjoy themselves and others. Now another style in the series is released: Nastasi is it remained faithful to his present band character and has brought the handy book on 84 pages, where this time the peculiarity that is half of the pages dedicated to six months day poetry is, so to speak, a best of the day poetry, selected by his wife. The other half processed the experiences of common Turkey holiday at the beginning of the year.

Let go on the summer sun in your heart. The Ribbon available in bookstores everywhere and at all online shippers for 6.50 euros ISBN 3837063453. author website by Alexander Nastasi responsible for this press release marketing Nastasi Alexander Nastasi forest road 25/1 69207 sand Wallace Tel.: 06224/924255 fax: 06224 / 924259 Heidelberg family-owned company offers a full service for seminar organization, including online and offline marketing, space rental and collection of. Since May 2008, the company operates an online training portal, mainly for people who want to achieve personal goals whatsoever with mental techniques such as the Affirmieren, manifesting and visualizing and surpass. It is succeeded to create a symbiosis of technology and assistance in life that still did not exist in this form. Dr. Manfred Mohr, husband of famous writer Barbel Mohr, include the references now Christian Reiland, the successful author of LOA the law of attraction and more.