La Gomera, learn here with the smallest of the Canary Islands with pictures and tips. A life in freedom, without ties and other Office stress, far away from any civilization, long nights around the campfire and starry nights throughout the year. \”So many are the second smallest island of the Canaries probably La Gomera\” before. Facts such as the tourist flows from the neighbouring island of Tenerife, the opening of the Island Airport with regular flights as well as tapping into the island through streets but paint a different picture. The mass reaches more and more this island of the Canary Islands. Advertising Bureau is likely to agree.

This itinerary of the photo agency Combipix aimed at day-trippers who want to look at the island by day trip or would simply just a little more information about them. Be bookable guided day tours (incl. return ship crossing, bus tour over the island and lunch) from around 60 euros. Should you want to book passage on your own, we you would point out that the most Not allow car rental Tenerife if you take there rented cars to La Gomera. So you need to cost by: Expresschiff return ticket from 60 euros per person and La Gomera car rental costs by approx. 40 euro account. Most island visitors are day visitors arriving by express ferry or the other ferries in the island capital of San Sebastian. There they disappear usually after leaving the ships in coaches a day to hit the high points of the island, to photograph, and in the evening by boat to leave the island again.

The port of San Sebastian is the first sight, get the tourists to face. Columbus also estimated the harbour because the city of San Sebastian ran on again the island of La Gomera and here for stories. The reason for his frequent visits to be with him but not only tourist type have been, but on a love affair with the daughter of the Conqueror of the island due.