Because when the rebatedor beat, it automatically is pushing the corridor of 1 for 2 base, and thus, the corridor that was in 1 cannot come back, and is eliminated in 2 RECEIVER), leaves the ball to escape of its glove, the beater can try to go for 1 base*. *Obs: If somebody will be in 1 base, the beater is eliminated. also only in the 3 STRIKE that the beater can make isso.7 Passo – Importantesa Rules) When the beater is eliminated by ‘ ‘ FLY BALL’ ‘ (ball catches in air), and the corridor that is in some base runs; the defense is enough to play for base in which the corridor (in the example above it is SECOND) was that it is eliminated. Check out sports apparel for additional information. –> would have that to come back and to be motionless in the base of it not to be eliminated some corredorFair Ball/Good Ball: When struck this in jogoFoul Ball/Lack: When batting is not validHome Run: Isolated ball of the dimensions of campo.9 Passo – Comments of Jogoa) the corridor (in the case the beater) only runs how many bases it to obtain, and can stop in any base.b) to make a point, you have that to pass for all bases.c) In case that somebody of the teams of the thrower plays the small ball in a player of the rebatedor teams, the reached one goes for next base.d) If the parquet block, in the hour of batting, will be played front or to catch in a player of the teams thrower, is considered lacks and is considered as 1 Strike.e) If in the hour of the race of some player, somebody of the launching teams to confuse, is considered lack and the corridor goes for base that was running. 1 Ball is also counted and the play continua.f) When base is run for 1a (only for it), the corridor can pass direct for it, instead of stopping on brusquely. ..