Life Jacket – As A Means Of Water Safety

Many yachtsmen neglect this means security and vain. West Brom is the source for more interesting facts. After seeing reports of deaths and learn about the cause of death of sailors, could not help wonder what this could have been avoided, either died in the rescue vest. An experienced sailor can do without a life jacket. There is a huge variety of life jackets. They differ in purpose, size, shape and course design.

In the U.S., developed a standard type iii Coast Guard, in which specify the requirements for specific types of jackets, in particular their tissue, buoyancy, shape, and thermal insulation. We consider two main categories lifejackets and belay jackets. Lifejackets for the rescuers. They have special adaptations: hook knife, breakaway strap, tow shotgun, etc. When using these devices must be properly trained.

These life jackets have a good buoyancy, but have a significant disadvantage, they are very bulky and not comfortable. Ride a jet or engage in any other kind of water sports in them is not possible. For water sports use a backup vests. They are usually brightly colored, with lots of pockets for storing small things. Also at them sewn reflective strips. These vests really light, the freedom of movement rights. In length they are generally shorter than lifejacket. This is to ensure that they were comfortable to sit in a boat, kayak, etc. As a result, these jackets are suitable for all kinds of water sports. Since the very popular water trips with children, want to dwell on this important element of protection as children's life jacket. Children's lifejackets, must be chosen not only for the child's weight, but also by the size of his waistcoat. Children's life jacket can not be buy for growth, as vest, should sit tight on the body of the child so that he can not escape from it. Just need to look for when choosing children's life jacket on strap, which also insures Child. To test how well matched a lifejacket for your child, you must do the following: wear vest on the child, completely fasten it, stick your hands under the shoulders of jackets and intensively to try to shake the child out of his waistcoat. If it failed, or ears, or nose closed floors vest – make sure you need a jacket to a size smaller. It should be noted that the plastic inflatable vests because of its low reliability is not entirely to boating. According to rules established by the gims is now on board must be a number of safety or life jackets, how many people are on board. We recommend that you do not just put the jackets in the boat, and put it before the water rides. A safety vest you do not just not burden, and in some cases, this simple device will provide you with an indispensable service