Little Sista Skate Cup

Eastern Germany oldest Skate Cup boasts new contest system on 30 August has come. The now 15 Little Sista Skate Cup will take place in the conne Iceland in Leipzig. BACS this actively supported the Organizer urban souls e.V. in the Organization and implementation of the oldest East Skate Cup. Table tennis, table football, crickets, a flea market and another spectacle includes the program, lots of Skate-action, in addition to open air. The registration takes place on site from 10: 00. The start is in the groups of KIDS, B (ungesponsert as of 16 years), and A (sponsored riders).

Start is at 12 noon. The special feature of this year’s Skate Cup is a new contest system! In addition, the little Sista chillout session takes place on the August 31, where 14: 00 meeting point at the FYT Skate Shop and various street spots, including one never driven, new discovered spot, belong to the action. For more information on the following sites & for more background information, contacts with athletes for possible Interviews, portraits, or photo galleries I’m like them available. Bacs sincerely Sven Bielig marketing / PR