Maintenance gates, automatic gates, automatic doors. Sectional doors, automatic doors and barriers need regular specialist maintenance service. Technical maintenance of automatic gates and garage doors. Novak Djokovic often says this. To support the accurate and the beauty of a need to periodically clean the surface of sandwich panels with a damp cloth with neutral detergent. At occurrence of squeaking hinges or rollers have axes to apply a small amount of special lubricant for the lubrication holes in the central part of the loop or curl in the middle of the curl clip holder. Guides gates also should be kept meticulously clean. Attention! In applying the lubricant may occur nonspecial destruction of enamel, plastic sheeting and other materials. If the opening and closing gate there is a need to annex more effort, then adjust the rollers and torsion spring.

When using electric drive to from time to time to check the position limit switches. Customer service automatic gate should be performed every 10,000 – 15,000 cycles (closing the opening.) Maintenance of automatic gates. Maintenance of gates is reduced to a regular balancing the system in order to avoid premature gearbox failure. It is also required by analogy to drive an automatic gate and check final position of adjustment efforts. Maintenance barriers should be performed every 15,000 – 20,000 cycles (opening closing).

Servicing of automatic doors. Adjust the speed and effort GEAR MOTOR, grease operator, balancing and exposure level of the valves. Inspection of the upper and lower rails, brush seals. Maintenance glass automatic doors should be performed every 50,000 – 60,000 cycles (opening closing). During maintenance of all these mechanisms should be carried out: a full examination, broaching fasteners, chains, belts, drives, health check of rolling bearings, checking tightness, check the power cables and control, hold reading of and grease. Remember that regular maintenance is not only 'prolongs life', your product, but also saves time and money on repairs.