I want to add that if you don’t put action nothing new will happen, and if you don’t want to push yourself and think that it is easier to continue equal, you’re right, but I also know already are tired of living a life limited, these tired of sitting in front the TV, although it seems fun, ya basta, I simply live mediocre! Now take the action of becoming an effective leader of action. Most people reach the seventy years of age, are in bankruptcy, good, those who reach this age; statistically only five per cent of the population has solved its financial situation. They reached his dream. I.e., they have enough money to live comfortably, happily contemplating what built in life, but the rest the other ninety-five percent is in bankruptcy, and these people more or less are those who die before the age of seventy because of not having motivation of his life and they prefer to die rather than suffer from penalties. I don’t think that it’s what the people want for herself and not think so you also want it for you.

Many people simply had no other choice and complied with what the circumstances left them. However, most of the people feels pressured by the financial situation for not having set clear goals and big in your life dreams. If you want to become an effective leader of action has the following exercise. Follow the following recommendations: you must first learn to eliminate or transform everything what causes shortages in your life, (negative emotions of wealth, or otherwise, fear success and money) everything that causes poverty and then, second you must acquire the beliefs, values, emotions essential for wealth, and evolve with it, to get more, much more, because that you deserve. Make a list of what you want to transform in you and achieve in your life (goals) and what you want to delete (fears) so that you can reprogram your dreams, but not before your mind, your brain in order to take control of your processes and mental images to learn more. If you don’t work on these three principles, will happen that many people passed him, and complains of the because: why not get what I want and yes I get that I don’t want to? who do not pass this in your life. Get ready to be a leader of action effective and achieve Tu success definitive dominates this exercise and taking control of your suggestions positive and affirmative to achieve profound changes in it.