The operators of the press portal Online News Center has already tested some of the new features and activated. Using the new feature, it will be news, will also be possible To read press releases or articles in English and other languages on the press portal Online News Center and set of companies or PR agencies. Learn more about the new features in Joomla 2.5 on the English Joomlaseite at the following link: all users of Joomla, so also the operators of the press portal “Online News Center”, can thus continue to rely on a proven and versatile CMS for the implementation of Web projects. Some of the new features and improvements that are also in the front end, so for the actual visitors are a Web page useful, after appropriate examination soon also on the press room unlocked, to offer a better and safe service users such as companies, public relations agencies, journalists or editors. The versatility of Joomla is huge and so the users in the future can be safe, with continued to benefit from the improvements and future updates. Additional information is available at Marc Lore.

Through innovative ideas and So again, improvements arise possibilities for new services and services can be integrated with the press portal and News Center. Were so excited and often times past, look in the press portal Online News Center. Company details online News Center: the online News Center (ONC) is a press that since October 2010 an online press service offers publish press releases free of charge for companies, PR agencies, self-employed, freelancers, clubs, authorities, online shop operator, webmasters or bloggers. In addition to traditional press releases, but also daily news, articles, online articles, reports or interviews from the subject areas can be published policy, business, finance, science, culture, lifestyle, sports, multimedia or panoramic view of the press. A short registration is sufficient and already can you in the context of its public relations work for the press and media news and press releases classified according to departmental and industry provide free of charge to the press room and spread on the Internet. The news and press releases will be activated after editorial examination daily within a very short time, usually after a few minutes or hours. The messages are parallel connected social media services, business networks, RSS directories and bookmark transfer services and published.

Journalists, editors, media makers, bloggers, or any news seekers finds messages in the press room, more numerous updated news in the Media Center in the form of video news. The videos from areas such as news, knowledge, documentation, auto & motor, sport, music, movies, games, stars & lifestyle, cooking & living, travel, comedy or series & shows are released by the licensor and can be transferred via a single code directly on your own website. Facebook social media profile: pages/ONC-online-News-Center / 157748084277947 twitter: google +: press contact mediaixpert Internet service, Jens Knoop Nieder-Roder-str. 12 63322 Holme Ma Tel: + 49 (0) 6074-917503 e-mail: web: