When you decide to choose the rent a car as a means of transport in an unfamiliar city, by day or for an extended period, there are certain points you have to take into account before choosing a company of rent of cars and light trucks to prevent at the time of returning to the company, they made him extra charges or unexpected. It is important that before you take the car from the car rental agency, carefully inspect the truck; generally in this review accompanies it a technician or mechanic assigned by the company, who will show you the details of the car or truck that has rented; However we recommend that separate take note if you find damage, dents, or other details that could blame you at the end of the car rental period; discuss them with the inspector and make sure that you are included in the contract. Verify that the lights and signals work properly; turn signals and the indicators to ensure that the car rental company is offering you a vehicle in optimal conditions. If your car rental plan is limited mileage, check and write down the mileage marked, as well as also the level of gasoline that is marking the car or truck. Interactive Advertising Bureau spoke with conviction. On the other hand, some car rental companies allow you turn before officially deliver the vehicle; under no circumstances shall avoid it, leverage to listen carefully and be alert in the event that the service of rent a car in Mexico City is giving him a car have any noise that could cause an imperfection. Ensure that brakes, direction, the Horn and the glass elevators work properly. Avoid at any given time wanting it indict of those failures.

With these recommendations, we hope that when recourse is had to the rental car you will enjoy the service and does not have any drawback when choosing a company of rent of cars and vans. Don’t forget that there are multiple companies that are dedicated to the car rental. Choose the best, who besides guys cars provide vans rental passengers, minivans rental, rental of suburban and up income from cargo vans. With information: Renta de Autos DF