Migrate Virtual Machines Running

Prepare a virtual machine in Virtual Server 1. In Virtual Server, then start the virtual machine that you want to move. 2. Write down the network settings for each network adapter, if they will remain identical after transfer virtual machine. 3. On a virtual machine, open the Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. 4. Click Virtual Machine Additions, and then Remove.

5. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box that appears. 6. After the successful removal of Virtual Machine Additions, reboot the virtual machine. Note: Give the virtual machine is completely reboot for the Virtual Machine Additions have been completely removed.

7. Turn off the virtual machine. 8. If this option is turned on Undo Disks, click Merge Undo Disks or Discard Undo Disks. 9. The site Virtual Server Administration Web, select the name of the virtual machine that will move, then click Edit Configuration. 10. Click the General properties. 11. Otmettet way. Vhd file that contains the operating system virtual machine. Note: If you have several. Vhd files to the virtual hookup machine, also mark their path. 12. Copy the. Vhd file from the location that you noted in step 11 to the server Hyper-V. Installing a virtual machine on Hyper-V server To do this, follow these steps: 1. On the server, Hyper-V, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, then click Hyper-V Manager. 2. The panel Action, click New, and then click Virtual Machine. 3. In the wizard, New Virtual Machine Wizard, click Next. 4. Enter a name for the virtual machine in a string Name, specify the location where you want to save the configuration files of virtual machines in a row Location, and then click Next.