We perceive that it is easy to give our contribution for the ambient support, for minor who this can seem. In post previous I commented on ‘ ‘ footprint ecolgica’ ‘ (It sees link the size of its Ecological Footprint! in blog of the author). Perhaps check out Andrew Adamson for more information. It will be that we consume thinking about the environment, we consume only the sufficient, only what it is enough in them for day-by-day? – How we use the water? Reverse speed-we use to advantage the water? We leave on hose a tempo in the garden, or washing the sidewalk, or the car? During the bath, we close the tap when we ensaboamos in them? – We leave on lights and equipment in some cmodos, or look for to save energy? – We look for to maximize the walked ones, we use collective transport, we walk of bicycle, we give alone hitchhiking or we use the car, in all the occasions? – And how much the diverse gifts, objects and purchases of R$1,99? Then, considering the profile of society occidental person of the present, with our current ecological footprint, of the one not to continue. Lais Mouro S (the creative clutter: ambient crisis and education), cite David Orr (1992): ‘ ‘ The crisis of socioeconmica and ecological support that affects modernity seriously can also be interpreted as a psychic crisis and spiritual. This crisis of support would have its roots in the loss of the ethical bonds that protected and regulated the domain relations on the nature, and that they had been part of the experience of our species, in the societies that had preceded the current civilizatrio model. Thus, can be said that the current crisis is fruit of pathological conditions of the conscience human being, that had annulled the instinctive force of collective survival of the species, taking it to destroy it the proper conditions ecological that support its existence in the planet ‘ ‘. (Surrounding and Education, Rio Grande, 9:69 – 84, 2004) With this reflection I conclude, making one I appeal I stop that all let us adopt best the practical ones to the reach of each one, so that we let us face with determination and consistency our ambient crisis, that also is spiritual.

It is not asked for that in them let us delouse of all the corporeal properties, as San Francisco de Assis. But we can limiting in them to only consume what it is enough for day-by-day of a healthful life. In the doubt, before deciding for the consumption, let us make the following question: What I intend to consume is only the sufficient, only is enough what me for day-by-day? Our decision will tend to be conscientious and will be able to show the way of the support. * Ecological water footprint (Water footprint): total volume of water that is used to produce foods and services consumed for the people, the productive sector or a nation.