He explains in great detail and it seems simple, because the first thing he did was cornered in several refugee camps and through the United Nations provides them with grants made available to them so they could live, so, after so many years (about thirty) already become unfit to reclaim what was theirs, because only know how to live silly soup. That was the father of the Moorish king we have today. Gradually, as the novel reveals the Moor takes advantage when he sees an opportunity to present it, and rarely misses an opportunity. We also consider those years that Spain was looking further north than the south, (for that to enter the European community), the Moor is used to keep the fishing grounds of the Sahara and so began the difficulties of the fishing fleet in the south, but happened to be fishing European competition, then why all of the grant to live and not to problems. Likewise, the novel recounts the death of the king of Morocco, and says: "a dead king king post" so we can continue to be complacent, as we have the Moor in the south and although now is a child, as time passes it seems that the child will not let her late father. One of the characteristics of our brother Muslim is his apparent patience, but when he misses and loses, no one deceives and though his outburst biting is usually imperceptible.

The novel describes the details of his reaction after the failed conquest of the island of parsley. But do not think his cousin who served as Libya, which was left speechless after a couple of "yobuses?" Which fell very close to his tent to sleep and our friends the Americans had sent from the odd warship who walked by our beloved sea Mediterraneo.No! such errors do not go with our Moor. With just a few glossy ibis, some Spanish police informers liberals and some friends, got to pick a day that could change the government so much humiliation he had passed. Once again demonstrated his cunning, like his father. But perhaps a bit more bloody, but his performance could be explained if we were in fact stories and verse on how we have developed the dispersion of immigrants south of Ceuta and Melilla, which wanted to enter our country … But that, novel hardly count at all. After reading it, I think the novel would have been a success if we were in America.