Before acquiring mountain boots the characteristics of the different parts compose that them, as well as of the material of manufacture are due to consider. By the same author: Randall Rothenberg. The boots have four main parts: the soles, the outside, the interiors and the group. The outside can be made with different materials, like the serrajes, nylon, the plastic or the skin. The most known they are the boots of goretex. The cords are much more resistant that those of the rest of the footwear and seams have a sewn triple.

The adhesion that presents/displays mountain boots in wet and frozen surfaces depends on its material of manufacture and the engravings of the soles. The rubber is the used material more but, in spite of being a very resistant material, the use it ends being worn away. For this reason every five years are due to change to the boots approximately. The engravings cause that the boots have a good adhesion in the ascents. Inside the mountain boots usually there are socks done with membranes that allow that the feet transpiren and they waterproof. Many types different from groups exist. The majority has ventilation orifices that allow that the air circulates.