News from the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is no stranger to the crisis but, even though Spain has a public health service, many people still rely on private insurance. The overcrowding in the waiting lists or the search for a more personalized service are the main reasons why nearly 20% of Spanish relies on private insurance. But the supply of such services is very wide and the citizen can feel lost to the multitude of insurers and types of coverage they offer, so we detail a series of recommendations to be followed before hiring one: Experience of the company medical care: it is important to know whether the insurer has a wide range of doctors and clinics, as well as worldwide support and custom. Fare Type: choose the one insurer that allows you to adjust the budget to their age, sex, place of residence or the provision of medical consumption. In addition, some insurers offer discounts if a customer is already familiar.

Coverage: Learn about coverage in the Spanish territory and abroad. There are insurers with special coverage such as accidents, transfers, compensation for hospitalization, etc. Penalty system: some insurance companies penalize the repeated use of medical services offered. Dental: There insurance including dental procedures within the policy. Period of grace: it is common for health insurance do not cover certain contributions to a certain period of time. In this way prevent the customer has the benefit of certain services immediately.