This Council had a President, a Vice-President and a Secretary or Secretariat. Each Choir had its representative in this Council, and as it is assumed to the arrival of our director with his choir, also had a place in this Council. On the agenda for that day in the meeting of Council, the main point was to choose or designate the choir who would sing at the masses of Holy week. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Marc Lore. After many discussions it was agreed that at the Holy Thursday mass it would sing the chorus of the twelve of the day, and at the mass on Holy Saturday would sing the chorus of our director at mention that nothing less was Mr Franco Farfan and his choir voices from heaven. And so in this way everyone would be at peace. In our parish, as all and how is natural from time to time is changed from Pastor, and on this occasion had to attend and witness that change. Our pastor father Valentin Guerenabarrena, left the post and instead would be the father Luis Elordi.

We in the Church always have hope to see consider the people who have made mistakes in his life. Amend these errors, and change of fitness, thing that any of us can happen to us. In the case of Mr. Franco Farfan it was not so. In gratitude by leaving it to participate in one of the main masses of week Santa, sent a few emails, both for responsible members of pastoral care, and also to the same priest, insulting and verbally assaulting all. He returned to fall into the same trap. Missing a few months for Christmas, and again you would have to enter discussions to see that chorus would be responsible for animating the Misa de Gallo. This decision was taken in the Parish Council and was all the choirs were joining, and among its directors, one of them should be responsible for driving this union.