More power in the racing through Spirulina Algae? A research study was published in the journal of science in sports and exercise medicine. This showed that there had been a very positive influence on performance in the sporting field by the spirulina algae. Nine especially trained and physically fit men were administered in this study over a certain period of time, which amounted to about four weeks, either a placebo or but a preparation of spirulina algae. Were these nine men over two hours on a treadmill every day and trained here at about 70 percent to 75 percent of their VO2 maximum value, as well as 95 percent of VO2 maximum value until they were physically so exhausted that nothing went. Not only performance of subjects was this measured, but also their respiratory function. Also a sample was taken from regular participants at the same time in the course of the study with their blood.

The results could be seen and were impressive. The time to exhaustion was in the patients who were given drugs with Spirulina Algae, were significantly shorter after a two hours lasting run and the rate of carbohydrate oxidation was decreased by 10 percent and the whole 11 percent fat burning rate had risen compared to the group that took a placebo preparations. From these results, there was only a true conclusion for the researchers: indeed, Spirulina Algae be able significantly to improve the athletic performance of a people. This underlines once more the universal application possibilities of spirulina algae. Anyone wishing to make a more accurate picture of these algae, which one should look over on

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