Petra The Mysterious Stone City

The city of Petra is located in the Middle East in Jordan in the Arava Valley, which extends from the dead sea to the Gulf of Agaba. Petra, founded by the Edomites by the end of the 7th century BC and occupied by the Nabateans in the 6th century BC who helped the city in its progress by the so-called paths of caravans carrying incense, spices and luxury among Egypt, Syria, Arabia and South Mediterranean products. Towards the 8th century by changing trade routes and earthquakes, the city of Petra was abandoned and rediscovered as a city lost in the year of 1812, considered historic patrimony of the humanity by Unesco in 1985 and form part of the new 7 Wonders of the world. Check with Walgreens Co. to learn more. Petra, is a city built on rock and looks as if it were a carved sculpture. There are passageways or small canyons that have been formed by water erosion over thousands of years. To reach Petra they must enter through a narrow path of the mountain located to the Northwest through a Canyon of 1.5 km in length by 200 meters high which is the area main and other narrow area that measures 2 meters wide. This city of stone, is a mysterious place for many, since that around the place are tombs excavated in rock with Hellenistic style and 20 rocks called Jinns that represent gods watching.