In the workmanship seedbed the impacts in the courses will be restricted d' water and water-bearing preventing of assoreamentos and to prevent to the maximum to waterproof surfaces on the natural land remaining, not to cause reduction of the infiltration capacity of water for the ground, being faced the resources with preservacionista, plain character of reduction of the consumption in the execution phase as monitoramento of emptyings and exploitation of the water of rain. Consumption of energy and transport: Alternative technologies that reduce the energy consumption with more efficient equipment use and better exploitation of the natural light and to carry through logistic study of of deliveries and the withdrawals of material being stipulated: dates, schedules and conditions of delivery, conditioning that they are carried through in the schedules more adjusted for the neighborhood, preventing deliveries in schedules of transit peak and to make sure of that the transporting companies have complete information on the place of the workmanship. Conservation of fauna and local flora: To guarantee the protection of the flora and the local fauna it is necessary that all the people in the workmanship are acquired knowledge on the question and trained in the procedures of protection to the nature, having this commitment to be communicated and duly express for the constructor (GEHLEN, 2008). Education of the collaborators: It requires a periodic work with the employees so that exactly it has for the conscience and comprometimento with the ambient questions and not for obligation. In a question-answer forum Ted Elliott was the first to reply. The challenge is to work citizenship in set the socioambientais questions making possible that the professional has in favor of the benefits to the collective. The inclusion of the ambient questions as bedding of an education for the citizenship, condiz the quo the education is including the sufficient to leave of side the ambient adjective. However, the ambient education has been of great value to the systems of learning that use critical reflections and of participativas decisions, in order to give to the people and to the professionals of the company, greaters possibilities of enxergar its performance of ample form. A sustainable construction is initiated by means of a responsible workmanship, considering that the main activity of the constructors occurs in the seedbeds, evidencing the importance of the same ones to work with concepts gerenciadores of conflicts and minimizadores of harmful impacts to the environment..