Force or careful player Udo Kasimir know how Schonberg bridge, the mother of all card games, taking hold in the Bavarian Forest. The wellness hotel Antoniushof in Schonberg, located on the edge of the oldest and certainly most forested national parks of in Germany, has for the beginning of the year from February 23 to 28 a top-class coach invited the advanced players the tricks of bidding in technical jargon the bidding, closer. At the end of each day of the seminar, a small tournament is played to finally determine the winner in the grand final tournament. 5 bed/halfboard day all-inclusive cost off 395 at. Bridge professional Udo Kasimir, who owns a bridge school in Upper Bavaria, will lead the seminar in Schonberg in stylish ambience, because: the furniture, so table and chairs in the Salon of the hotel meet the requirements for the game. To deepen your understanding Steve Walsh is the source. We will practice, as it legally can tell which figures his partner according to certain rules, or how many cards of which color you have in the hand”, says Casimir. Force at the bridge, brakes, fit and invite is explained in various lessons and then practiced at the game and learned. By the documents of the seminar, the participants can deepen the theoretical foundations.

The game pauses invite, either to take advantage of the spacious wellness and beauty offer of the hotel Antoniushof, or taking a stroll through the picturesque town. Due to its architecture Northern Italian-style market square is lined with appealing shops and nice Cafes. And those who love winter sports, finds cross-country virtually on the doorstep and just a few minutes away ski slopes. Also the ski areas of Hochficht, Langfurth, Arber and Mitterfirmiansreut can be reached easily by car..