To make online sales sure to success, here are a few tips: unique descriptions: it is for a successful sale recommended to set an exact title, and a clear description of the article. A detailed description of the State of the article is also important. It is, for example, new merchandise in original packaging or the product was ever used? So, the buyer gets what he has imagined. Good pictures: customers want to see what they are buying, so good product images are very important. The article must be clearly be seen, several pictures from different angles and distances are best.

Seller must observe the copyright law: don’t take pictures of the manufacturer or any other seller, because it may violate copyright law. In case of doubt do prefer your own photos. The article free shipping offer: This applies to customers as a special service and making the offer attractive. Good packaging: nothing is more annoying than if the product arrives damaged by the buyer. Then, quickly, there may be a bad review of the seller. Therefore fragile items carefully with bubble wrap, styrofoam or Pad paper. You can get rid easily back unwanted gifts from home without them in the shop Exchange or return to the mail order. We have anything from the books and movies, you know, the perfume that doesn’t smell good and all other gifts that you don’t want to keep at the end.

About Hitmeister hit master GmbH is Germany’s third largest fixed price marketplace on the Internet. The ever-growing range includes currently over 20 million new and used products – from media such as movies, games, and books about electronics to household and garden items, sports equipment, toiletries and perfume. On, currently over 3,000 commercial dealers sell to more than 500,000 satisfied customers. Monthly Hitmeister recorded 1.5 million visitors. Extensive warranties and free escrow services protect buyer and seller alike. Hitmeister is the first online marketplace certified by the TuV Hessen.