Sewerage By-Rural Construction

There is a private home system, which is not as poetic, as, for example, the heating system or the Internet, but without which life is extremely difficult. That's right, it is about it. Convenience (the word then what …) on the street, of course, no one abolished, but we do, really, living in the 21st century. Not all state and collective farms of our vast country are equipped with modern central sewerage systems. Therefore, in the old Russian tradition, each household solves the problem of independently. It's just drink vodka for three, and go to the bathroom, excuse me, individually. Jerome James pursues this goal as well. Septic tank, cesspool, sewage – how many synonyms there are bright in the Russian language. This article discussed the disposal of wastewater. Sean Rad, New York City is open to suggestions.

From experience I would say that a family of 4 people per month on average, consumes about 15 000 liters of water, which must be somewhere to put it. Well, if nearby there is a ditch or ravine, and nobody around. In practice, the density of private building high, and the neighbors are usually very sensitive to any kind of smell, especially if they come from the adjacent plot. Need to solve this problem. And how? Roughly there are two options: 1. Storage tank of a large volume of which is very often (or less, but in large quantities) have to pump waste water 2. A certain local sewage treatment system (LOS) with the subsequent disposal, drainage, clean water suspended in the ground first point is obvious.