Sigung Birol babe Ali has worked as a consultant for large companies and holds management seminars. Self-employed business people, but also employees in leadership positions can benefit from VC-Ving Chun after ALL-AACHT – principles, as they find the inner peace and strength to successfully master their responsible tasks. He works as a martial arts and self-defense expert with celebrities from film and television. He appeared several times on various television programs and was launched as a consultant for stunt scenes added. He trained policemen in the classroom and in special seminars, but also advises Police combat situations in the workplace.

Also, he has already, in collaboration with the German courts, organized courses in the area of youth punitive labor and held to convey the values of this society positively delinquents. He performs special seminars, especially with a focus on personal and property protection and provides safety training for detectives, but also hotels, and security companies. Birol Baris Obeid is also welcome expert for the restructuring of internal company procedures for private companies. Well-known larger and smaller companies have already often invited him for this purpose. Through its training of indoor and field staff, he helped to build up a full harmony with each other.

In this area is by Birol bar? Jagan be happy and very successful ALL-AACHT – concept employed. Other combat Sports Federation invite him regularly for seminars and events, because they convinced his knowledge and skills. Together with his wife Simogung Filiz “Lawrence he founded the non-profit organization 8cht time 8cht e.V.” with eight different initiatives, to needy people, need the physical, mental, or spiritual help to support and to offer them solutions. Similarly, the protection and the preservation of animals and nature are an important task of the Association work. Sigung Birol Baris Obeid has developed for people who are physically handicapped among the special defense of Flexx concept. Courses for the disabled in hospitals, but also in our group lessons in his own VC Ving Chun Academies are offered. This unique concept was nominated in 2010 for the Werner Otto award of Alexander Otto Sports Foundation, for the promotion and integration of disabled people. In the spring of 2001, Sigung Birol founded bar? Lawrence Ving Chun Publishing House and published his first VC Ving Chun textbook. Two more books followed so far and more are underway. The publication of his lebensphilosophischen book of ALL AACHT? Everything is A(a)CHT”, ALL-AACHT-Verlag is imminent. In this work Birol Baris Obeid is discovered by him ALL the readers-AACHT – open philosophy. ALL founded also by Sigung Birol Baris Obeid-AACHT publishing house publishes books and media in the field of philosophy, science, mysticism and all books and media, related to ALL-AACHT have. For 30 years, Sigung Birol babe Ali is working on perfecting his concept and now his greatest dream come true its latest development in the field of martial arts and self protection is the quite new ALL-AACHT – self-protection (ASS ). ALL developed by Sigung Birol Baris Varshini-AACHT philosophy merges here with the VC-Ving chun and thus creates a whole new dimension in the martial arts, self-defense and combat sports area.