“In the many curves of the ochsenkopf driver or driver from the inspiring road location can convince yourself, go to the Ferrari makes a unique experience.” Arnsberg however is final with tame: it goes with the Ferrari on the highway, and the blood gets pumping. It goes towards Meschede and also through a tunnel in which the unique engine sound of the Ferrari unfolds unfiltered and genuine. Here this trip culminates acoustic. After this trip, no one is the same already hundreds of people after this 60-minute shower of adrenaline from the driving seat of the Ferrari climbed with pudding in the legs, tremors in the fingers and fascinating images in the head. “And because anticipation as you know is the most beautiful joy, there’s a present special at ferrarifun for Christmas: the ferraifun deition” in Ferrari red.

The box set includes a high-quality ferrarifun polo shirt, a small bottle of Prosecco, a package of noodles, which are shaped like small formula-1 cars in addition to real Italian tomato sauce. Educate yourself with thoughts from Chris Berman. Highlight of the package that tour of the Sauerland is the gift voucher for the Ferrari to the ears, is the unique ferrarifun but probably soundbox”, emphasizes the holder: when you open the box the motor sound will sound one Ferrari when accelerating. This acoustic taste increases the anticipation as well as the video disc, which gives the driver a first visual impression of Ferrari.” This box there to charge when ordering the gift certificate for $50 including shipping. This box is as unusual as the most fair and transparent conditions associated with it the ferraifun offer. Just to the pre-Christmas period, numerous quotes that sound similar at first glance, but are not found in gift and event websites. A sports car for rent are offered mainly older Ferrari, and, on the other hand, most are not properly insured car rental service”warns Simon Konietzny.

What happens in an accident? The recipient sit entirely on the cost. Nice Christmas present!” At ferrarifun, however, this cannot happen: there is a correct, clean self driver’s insurance, which decreases a big financial risk to the lessee for Ferrari. As a direct provider, ferrarifun also is available for a personal consultation. The interested person finds out the exact process and execution directly from first-hand and receives immediate responses to his questions. More information and an animation of the ferrarifun sound box”can be found under. V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Simon Konietzny ferrarifun Silmecke 39 D-59846 Sundern FON: + 49 (0) 2933-9099971 fax: + 49 (0) 2933-9099972 boiler plate the company ferrarifun with headquarters in Sundern, Sauerland, the rental of the Ferrari adventure tours specializes. Can contact the customer itself at the wheel of a current Ferrari F430 Spider and thus start a spin through the winding ox-head and over the motorway. A well organized program with optional hotel stay and exclusive gift box apart this Ferrari rental offer as well by many similar such as the unusually fair conditions in the insurance industry.