A time I listened that the only question that God goes making in them when to die is: who is you. E, we do not go deluding in them. Our social papers say in them of what we are in society, in a social relation. Leaving to exist this, you are naked and alone as she came to the world.

I believe with faith, naked and nor not entirely total alone. Our workmanships of architecture compose the landscape, each detail, curve, mountains and mounts are filled with much perseverance, idiosyncrasy and detail. The workmanship occupies all the form human being thus we do not know where it finishes the workmanship and where moment starts the person. I do not believe prescriptions to emagrecer, as I do not believe life models to be followed. You must find a place (a subjective, internal space) where you can diminish its anxiety, to take care of of its health (she makes walked, looks at for the sky, she observes the work of formiguinhas), to give space for its thoughts, good thoughts (you cultivate the cio it you are a saint remedy! The cio is creative, needs it to organize our internal life) finding this it goes to start if to feel happy with you and if to find beautiful again. It does not speak that it is with mourning of same you! You do not say this! You are losing the focus and if leaving to lead for the moment. You are not thus, you you are at a moment not very pleasant of its life. But you only can change the situation. You are much more that this, much more that the moment, you is pretty! E, does not forget to take the souvenir as weapon at these moments. The memory and basic part of our internal organization, we need remembering in them who we are for following in front, following our dreams and to find the wire of the hank again.