It was Esther Alfaro, a young person who attended the third cycle of the faculty of Social Sciences, and who lived in center along with his mother in a department of the city, to only seven apples of the campus. That Esther morning was getting ready fast not to arrive behind schedule at its class, put all the books that were to their reach to their briefcase of greenish color and with some superficial patches of pale yellow color, in as much, its mother prepared in the kitchen, a dietetic triple with fresh cheese, tomato, lettuce and gherkins. Ah will arrive behind schedule was saying while left sudden flight the alcove towards the kitchen I do not create to arrive today continued while it took of the hand of its mother the triple. Ve with taken care of noticed seconds to him before the door was whipped. Esther and its mother were almost identical; the same face height, the same characteristics and almost the same stature of clothes, with the difference of which her mother was brown and Esther had inherited the black jet of its father, of whom never had heard speak, but that stops to pronounce some similarities with her. It had arrived at the campus running, while it let wave his briefcase and to other without the greater difficulty observed it students to move among them, step than I hurry when seeing its professor, brown a low and bald man with terno that went to the faculty. One went towards the nearest stairs and raised quickly until the fourth floor. I out of breath arrive but with victory, because the professor entrance minutes after her, moment at which already was sitting in its folder jadeando a little, jadeo that almost becomes chronic when the professor warned on an entrance examination. .