31 sports world games of the medicine and health with over 1,500 participants successfully in Porec complete German participants get more than 200 medals results and photos online the sports world games of medical and health all medical and health professionals are open, no matter what athletic level they reside. Since the beginning of the series of events, athletes from over 50 countries from five continents took part in the games. Every time the games somewhere else take place. This gives the opportunity to meet new colleagues in another country, a region, a different culture. The summer heat in Porec around 150 participants from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland could not take the appetite for medals. Statistically each won himself at least a medal.

But the participants from medicine and health know what is not surprising, the best that it arrives above all on long-term training and healthy eating success playing the sports world of medicine and health. In the over two hundred medals, of which 89 gold, were distributed to the German speaking participants Croatia Porec in early July. As in previous years, the strongest disciplines of Germans, Austrians and Swiss were athletics and swimming. Over 1,500 international participants to this year’s sport world games from July 3-11. The accompanying sports medicine Conference was well attended and offered a lively exchange of thoughts to all participants. All results of the German-speaking participants, as well as photos of participants are available online at. Team spirit again at the front under the German teams offered the best performance Camby freak city docs from Bamberg and the volleyball players of Orthodocs and took the 1st place against strong international competition each. Also the beach volleyball player with the places 2 (Paracelsus), 3 (aged Orthodocs) and 5 (Asklepios Orthodocs) were overall strong. Medal collector brought six or more gold medals in swimming, Triathlon, track and field equal to four German Ausnahmeathletinnen this year.