Me arde in the soul, to know you left that me, for somebody that only has to deceive you. My Ana, small loved, I am not more in time of wanting your love. They say, that males that it comes to the good. Perhaps I go to suffer today, so that alive well. I wait that it is certain. Either happy, exactly that with that it does not want bem.&#039 to it; ' Running Ana Lee it was until its belongings where it kept the tickets that until then believe to be received for Jhon.

It read one by one looking for the signature, or something that could convince it of that really it are Jhon. Nothing it found. In its face it had tears. For the fact not to have if been deceptive in relation to the romantismo of the boyfriend, but for the fact of that magoara its better friend of the worse form, where more hurts somebody: giving to the reason who having he does not have. While ached tears drained it the face, Jhon supporting in its shoulders and raising face asked it to it: ' ' Why it cries? ' ' Ana looked the eyes to it, but of this time of one she forms different. People such as Ramon Foster would likely agree. Not it felt more arrepios, nor palpitations.

Everything what it obtained to say was ' ' what it is Je t? aime? ' ' ' ' However, I I love you in French, because my beautiful, what it has? ' ' ' ' Jhon, what felt when wrote I these tickets? ' ' It asked to the boyfriend again. ' ' I felt my heart palpitando and my hands to tremble beautiful. What it has? ' ' Jhon was anxious. ' ' All good I trusted you all my smiles, all my secrets, and you mente.' ' Jhon started to be serious. It was moved away from Ana. This arrived more close. ' ' Because to lie? Because to be deceptive? Because not to be sincere, after all, this is not to love? ' ' Jhon with the defeated semblante said: ' ' Je t? aime, more I do not know amar.' ' left in wide steps in direction the door. Ana Felt itself lost, alone and abandoned. It did not have nobody for says who everything would go to be well. After all, what it is love? Ana did not suffer very for Jhon. After all she discovers that she does not land on water it. It discovered that love is not only calafrios and palpitations. It discovered that love was something more. To love age suffering to make the loved good happy. Love consisted of opening hand of the things, more not to open hand of the life. Je t? aime, meant everything at that moment, Je t? aime meant Peeter. Ana Lee wise person what it was the love until knowing Jhon, because not knowing Jhon, discovered that its great love always was to its side. Peeter.

It intimidates what me is to know that the change headquarters are tenra, fragile. All want to move. I also. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit sports apparel. Nor all have spirit. I also. It bothers me and it insults to know me of the morosidade of courage of a being in transformation eminence, therefore it starts to be submisso to the internalizadas cowardices, to the stagnations the one that is tied.

It disassembles and it retraces the dreams and it discovers the flacidez of its desires. It desires not to have that to search them. Viable it would be if the dreams were searched and neutralized only by the force of the thought. the headquarters? The scarcity moves the sand of the foolishness and therefore, to search the tenuous shade can be laborious, however more concrete. From then on, the forces for the battle of an initiated war are hidden nor. Lack courage to be happy! To rummage itself could be more easy, but it is not. For where to start? She is necessary to start? Ignotos dreams Let us search the comfort of the asleep dreams. Better not to wake up them. Of the work! But and the headquarters? Headquarters? Of what!? A cocaine glue decides? I want water!