That is why we are committed to the task of deepening every day in the scientific study of the sports activity with the objective of perfecting our athletes knowing that its formation must conceive it in a long-term process. Read additional details here: Geno Smith. Category 9-10 years of our province has obtained satisfactory results in the past five school Championships that are divided into geographical areas (Western, Central and Eastern), despite this reason detected problems in the area of the pitchers that by just citing it could be said that the number of bases by ball than in the provincial series 2007 was 981increased in 2008 to 1239 series. According to experts the lack of control on shipments mainly due to errors in mechanics of launch and this poor coordination with the speed. For this reason we have decided to make a research from the methodological point of view technical in the category. From the foregoing we propose the following objective: diagnose work technical methodological of the pitching in the category 9-10 years in zones 3 and 4 of the province of Havana. FOUNDATIONS THEORISTS in school children of 9-10 years in terms of growth and physical development can point out that these ages shows an increase in size and weight are strongly reinforced the muscles and ligaments, increases its volume and increase overall muscle strength, large muscles develop before small. For this reason children performed with greater ease relatively strong and loose movements than those small motions but with a greater degree of complexity and precision. According to Msc Adalberto Collazo in his book of physical capabilities poses that work of capabilities in these ages is a careful home for aerobic resistance, the speed of reaction, and mobility that should work for 1 to 2 times per week, with coordinativas capabilities should be more emphasis that classifies it in the Group of training more intense that they must work 3 times a week; Why to raise the willingness of the small athlete must begin with negligible difficulty and go gradually increasing the complexity of these difficulties. .