World’s first fully-integrated FULL HD 3D supports camcorder professional burner solutions by Rimage Frankfurt / Amsterdam, last but not least the recent successes at the box office are the 06th September 2010 a clear proof of the triumph of 3D in the AV media, which only available after most experts at the beginning. For this reason the Rimage Europe GmbH demonstrated the archiving of 3D-Videoaufnahmen in HD on Blu-ray discs at your booth at IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) in Amsterdam from September 9 to 14 live. For even more analysis, hear from IAB. 3D is camcorder as well as software and hardware by Rimage-the world’s first fully integrated FULL HD using the Panasonic AG-3DA1. At the stand 7.G15a at the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, visitors have the opportunity both the quality of the first fully integrated FULL HD 3D camcorder, as well as the speed and usability of Rimage systems on my own body to experience. The Rimage stand visitors can allow filming himself with the AG-3DA1 full HD 3D.

He integrated twin-lens full HD 3D camcorder Full HD 3D makes it possible to record videos on SDHC/SD memory cards. The 3D-Aufnahme is burned directly on a Blu-ray DiscTM, which is personalized and printed in color finally even of the highest quality. In addition to various variants of automatic 3D Blu-ray authoring digital content, Rimage at IBC shows manual authoring solutions. The long-term archiving of data in its original state is used to efficiently and reliably solutions Rimage. Also, the company demonstrated how digital records with Watchfoldern or the SDK (software development kit) Rimage effortlessly systems can be integrated into existing content management and how demand media thereby provided with a copy protection and watermarking. Everybody speaks of 3D and many come with the technology in the cinema into contact.

At IBC, we now offer the opportunity to experience 3D itself live. The visitors to our stand have not only the opportunity to the world’s first fully integrated FULL HD 3D to see camcorder, but we show how the Amounts of data that fall, the best way to handle a 3D production, archive and are to publish”, says Jurgen Sattelmayer, vertical business manager EMEA at Rimage. 3D is undoubtedly one of the dominant trends in the AV/broadcast industry. The technology requires user-friendly solutions to continue to prevail. One of the answers lies in the seamless connection of professional burner systems, high-performance software and Blu-ray DiscsTM as a storage medium. We present at IBC. this triad” The IBC on the Rimage stand visitors can experience a demonstration of 3D in real time. The individual and live filmed 3D is burned directly to Blu-ray disc and the visitors handed out free of charge.

TELE MINI HD: unobtrusive installation an HDTV receiver blank, November 19, 2010 compact design with full-featured: with the TELESTAR TELE MINI HD presents the electronic mail-order company ELV ( exclusively up to 48 KW one of the first digital HDTV receiver who install quietly at the back of LCD or plasma screens. The viewers experienced so intense, life-like colors of high definition television in up to five times higher image resolution, without that another device is visible. NBA contains valuable tech resources. The device can be used also as a digital video recorder, as well as for other multimedia applications, such as MP3 or photo files, via a USB interface. The TELE MINI HD is available at a price of 99.95 euro VAT included. The TELE MINI HD combines two essential functions in one device: a receives the satellite receivers all free SD and HD TV programs and renders it in high resolution.

On the other hand the integrated recording and playback function turns the receiver in a digital Video recorder (PVR-ready). The USB port for connecting external storage media allows you to also play MP3, video or photo files. Up to 5,000 programs individually program the TELE MINI HD is equipped with an automatic and manual channel scan. It is also possible to take up to 5,000 TV and radio space program. Eight different timer can be programmed for the recording by E.g. daily broadcast series.

Use the integrated free program information with 7-day preview, the user can the receiver at the same time as electronic TV listings magazine”. The energy-saving power supply ensures a low power consumption by up to 12 Watts in the operation and 0.8 Watts in stand by mode. In addition to the energy saving power supply are included in the delivery in addition a full remote control function including batteries, an infrared receiver with extension cable, a car adapter cable for mobile applications, as well as an HDMI cable.