Finally faced with so many questions unanswered I light a small based on my studies on the one hand, as specialist in management of human resources, on the other hand based on what they learned in the Group of auto aid for women: women friends supportive, (1996) non-profit in which I actively participated for 15 years, and in third place and not the least important by being involved in what they call the company more important on the planet: lift and hold on time a home and a family for nearly 25 years. Based on writings about communication non violent by DR. Marshall Rosemberg, there are four steps that can help us to communicate with people in an active way, effective and non-violent, they are: observing without evaluating: I do not judge. Responsibility for our feelings,: express what I’m feeling. Read additional details here: Tom Brady. I am able to express the need for this in the root of my feelings: communicate what I need. Express to others what we seek to enrich our life: I am capable and I dare to ask what I need to set the bridge between us. The first point I note without evaluating, this is said easily, but in practice I think that if you’ve not done yoga, meditation, tai chi, or any Eastern skill that takes you to the quieting of the mind, I dificulto that in the Western environment where judgment prevails as the norm in our relationships can help you to implement this crucial first step to interrelate us with the other, actually. However, some recommendations for this first step would be the following: suspends judgement, get everything this at your fingertips prior to transmitting your information describing fully objective and impartial way what is happening as if they were of a third, without getting involved in any way feelings, criticism, in short trials, for example: in the case of a teenager that you evil answer everytime you try to converse with him, simply express in a dispassionate manner, and objective that you have observed in the latest talks that it has had a little friendly, or dislike of his part, attitude since the language used is rude, and to enumerate you and describe him, if possible, the words and actions, without reproaches, very important.

But also adequate ventilation of the mattress and hygienic properties are important, not only for people with allergies. Important Head decision: the right pillow next to the mattress is probably the subject of determining the most about the convenient location in the bed the pillow. Allergy be sure in particular that the piece can be easily wash. All others have the free choice between harder and comfy pillows, neck support pillows, pillow to sleep on page, travel pillow and and and if then the filling material is true, you have found the ideal solution for your home! Of course, also the matching blanket should not be missed. Quilts, comforters or microfibre all models in the shop of the beds are of the highest quality and guarantee a long service life. With bed linen accents but at the bedding is not only about the ergonomics. Finally, the bedroom should delight the eye and appeal to the senses.

It is the easiest way to buy new bedding, if you want a quick change in your sleeping environment. If not… just the decision is which of the many variants Right? Many use her bedroom not only for resting, but also as a work room, meditation room, TV room or reading area. It is therefore a multifunctional space that will look attractive on the day. Depending on how you use your bedroom, make the colors together. If the rooms should radiate only calm, clear, simple sounds are how the right choice know beige or light grey. But perhaps there may be some bold and opulent, with stimulating red, floral print, or a pattern mix? Depending on the season, freshness or coziness creates a new color. When the bed linen, not only the sound but also the design decisively characterizes the atmosphere of the room.

If you buy new bed linen, ensures variety in the bedroom so without any trouble. If you snuggle in a warm flannel or appreciate the noble coolness of damask – linens makes your bed in any case the catcher. And the sensuous aspect not neglected: bed linen made of 100% cotton or pure linen makes for an all around pleasant sensation on the skin. Should you not actually much more often yourself so much luxury? Or the / the loved ones? Buy bedding is beautiful bed linen give and given nor beds is much nicer bedroom facilities by the specialists RID since long specialist for everything that makes beautiful sleep. If you use the online shop or at one of the branches consult here you can buy not only beds, but high quality equip your entire sleeping area by the right mattress pad about the noble fitted sheets up to the bathrobe! And of course there are all the products not only in a unit size. Whether bed frame, bed linen and pillows select material and different sizes individually. Also for the little dreamers beds RID offers everything that makes the night to the feel-good experience. Even soft toys and cuddly blankets are not lacking in the range. Complete you can shopping with beds RID with harmonious accessories, room fragrances, residential ceiling and Home fashion. And then have only a problem namely the morning getting up. You may leave finally well rested hardly a nice and comfortable bed. So pull the ceiling just above the head and longer savor the comfort a few minutes you deserve it!

So the dream of the swimming pool is actually buying a swimming pool can you compare with the purchase of a car. To buy that too not just oops hopp, but it must be well-planned, it must be coordinated with the financial conditions, it must be the cost-benefit factor and of course you need a comprehensive consulting, ranging from the facilities through the construction to the accessories and the technology. So, it’s not a decision that you meet from now on equal. Alone the selection of swimming pool provides a task, you can hardly manage without expert advice. What will it be? A steel wall pools which items delivered and assembled right in front of place a la modular system.

Or you prefer a swimming pool from Styropool. Stone is an extension of the bathing season, on stone with special insulation and thus connected but with more effort. Or rather the fully finished version, consisting of polyester, which is manufactured at the factory and delivered as a whole. A not very simple decision, because it depends on much of the cost off and of course by size and shape. You can choose the rest so both all types, as you like it. The pool is selected, then one must know yet what to expect technical equipment on one.

Filters, pumps, heating, swimming pool covers and various components must also be. A little accessories like the matching ladder, to get you started, or maybe a staircase? The underwater lighting is also very fashionable. There are many ideas, you only need to know it. But are the professionals who advise a. In a long-time and competent partner in terms of is “to find all around the pool Press contact: Rodgau-pool Pfohl swimming pool equipment owners: Hartmut Pfohl Borsigstr.

Sauna is back in / trend to wellness oasis WETTERSCHEIDT – for a healthy detoxification of the body, relaxation, and strengthening the defenses is nothing so much as a sauna session. Home saunas are therefore in line with the trend. However, during operation and the facilities there are a lot. Man is not equal to man. Therefore, each body individually feels the sauna enjoyment.

In the home sauna can flexible temperature management and different sauna and aromatherapy techniques should be used for this reason. The online-shop of Hirschfeld swimming pool technology currently offers the following variants of infusion: steam stones to increase humidity and Fragrancing by infusion Saunakko as aroma Cup for bath sauna spirit to the steam fragrance lamp to the Fragrancing of sauna Saunabriha generates a small fountain / sauna fountain, sauna-stimmungsvoll, flower or sauna ball to the lingering fragrance of sauna Sauna heart of the sauna humidifier by evaporation sauna infusion sauna aromas sustained by continuous addition of drops Of course, a sauna is nothing without the right sauna stove. Here, the online shop offers a wide range of Finnish manufacturer Harvia quality for all sauna sizes and lighting concepts. The choice of the right stove for the sauna is extremely important, so store detailed descriptions of all models can be found. The variety ranges from the oven out to the rustic and cosy wood fireplaces – of course with appropriate control system.

Physical well-being should always be at the heart of the sauna operation. The right cooling technology with surge and Kneipp showers and plunge pool is suitable to be observed. Special rain showers in high-quality execution of quality let the water gently fall like rain drops on the skin or strong jets massaging the body. Rain and mist showers are a special wellness experience also with fragrances aromatisierbar. Such as the new sauna salt, for a pleasant skin peeling with the valuable minerals from the dead sea. Until the facilities of the The sauna session makes it finally perfect relaxation room or relax-zone. Hirschfeld swimming pool technology provides the appropriate and approved accessories. Comfortable recliners, non-slip safety mats and a whole range of useful accessories can be found directly in the online shop. Just pure surf:. Short portrait Hirschfeld swimming pool technology was founded in 1991 as a company for the construction and service of swimming pools, swimming pools, as well as the water for the sauna area. odney atkins often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Today, the company from Saxony-Anhalt focuses on Internet commerce by swimming-pool and sauna accessories. The experience accumulated over the years in the field of plant construction benefit the customers of both online stores now. See, and, interested Internet users for a wide range of swimming pool, pool and swimming pool accessories, sauna and sauna accessories, ranging from pool filters and chemicals to heaters, bath chairs, or steam bath fragrances.

There are some complementary training, and in some necessary cases, for all good athlete. This it would be the case of the force sessions, since strong muscles will allow us to render to the maximum. We do not confuse strong muscles with great or voluminous muscles, since the volume will cause that you are slower in long distances. The force sessions must go oriented to gain force in the muscle, which also will imply to reduce the punishment that undergoes the sinews, but maintaining the same size. The work of muscles of the legs will help you to prevent injuries. If you fortify the isquiotibiales and the quadriceps you will avoid knee problems. Besides working muscles of the legs also it is necessary to work the muscles that hold the body, like abdominal and the lumbar ones. This type of exercises, besides contributing to force to the trunk and the train superior of the body, improves the coordination, makes work to the heart and increases the elasticity.

The exercises with Bosu and Step are indicated for the runners because they fortify the legs and they optimize the movements that habitually we realised in our cuotidiana life. In this type of functional training the musculatura works as a whole fortifying the musculatura of the trunk, the abdomen, the back, the legs and the rumps, improving the elasticity and the flexibility, reinforcing the joints and the muscles, and helping in the recovery of injuries. This type of exercises helps to vary the routine and can replace a smooth session. You can be useful to realise this training someday that you cannot leave to run due to the meteorological conditionses, is because it rains or it is cold, or by quite the opposite, because long ago heat. Many runners also combine the cycling with running to escape of the routine or because they have friendly that practice the cycling and they he likes to leave to pedalear someday with them. The cycling is a cardiovascular work similar to running and can replace a smooth session but to obtain a high performance in running it is necessary to prioritize the training of this discipline realising sessions of basic quality and.

Blade Runner is a film that can be included easily in the science-fiction sort, but also is a work shining of black cinema and on the other hand of romance, because first of all I believe that it is a love history. I do not only talk about the plot of Deckard and Rachel, if not to the one of the replicantes with the life. Underneath, or superficially according to it is watched, of all that dark atmosphere is one of the films more romantic than I have never seen. In addition, the lyricism whereupon shows all that amalgam to us of sensations and feelings do that " Blade Runner" a poem can be considered precious, beautiful, wonderful almost. If you are not convinced, visit gymnast. That history of love is the one that serves to be able to speak on the subject appellant as the film: the humanity. One of the own elements of a human being is the fear, and is also one of the keys that the film uses. It is necessary to remember the phrase of the personage who Roy Batty says to him to Deckard when this one is hung of a beam in the emptiness: " It is all a experience to live with fear, truth? That is what means to be esclavo".

Not slave refers only to that has be in colonies, if not to that is by existence, to that it lodges feelings and needs that cannot omit, to that it wants answers for his questions, to that " he feels picor and he cannot rascarse" as he said Leon. And also, on the other hand, one talks about all, because all we are scared, fear to die, of not living as we hoped, to fail, etc we are many scared that burns to us on the inside and before which sometimes it is needed to rebel itself. Roy is rebelled against its creator, Tyrrel, in a metaphor of the human being and God.

Fire for indoors and outdoors with a fireplace without fireplace Oberburen, 02.07.2013: bioethanol fireplaces are enjoying increasing popularity. Here you can sit comfortably in the evening on the fireplace, even if not in the House is built. The flames are produced with ethanol. An ethanol fireplace fulfilled his dream of the romantic fireplace, without having any fixtures need to be made. Fire for indoor and outdoor fire pits are very decorative. So you have a fireplace without fire, because these fireplaces don’t need a chimney.

The modern fireplaces can be used indoors and outdoors. Also the neighbour will feel not disturbed, if you used the ethanol fireplace on the balcony or the terrace, because the ethanol burns without smoke and odorless. It is important that you use only pure bioethanol, because only this burns without smoke, odor and harmful substances. Inside, using the bio-ethanol fireplaces must be lifted however sufficient. For this, so are these fireplaces without chimney beautiful like a living picture to look at.

Because there is an open fire, you must ensure that security measures these fireplaces also on security. Of course you should do not leave unattended children with these fireplaces. It is a foam extinguishers safely always handy to have, because you should not extinguish with water. Further details can be found at Frank Ntilikina, an internet resource. You may refill no ethanol, as long as the fire is still burning, but it needs to be always burn it down. Some ethanol fireplace can be turned off by a reduction of air flow. (Delete function) You should not store the remaining ethanol next to the fireplace, it could catch fire. Considering the security measures, you can have fun with the fireplace. Decorative columns of fire the modern fire columns go back to the traditional Sweden fire. This is a long piece of wood, which is used by an internal Wick aflame and then with burns. In contrast to this, the fire pillars are but always reusable and fully clean the burning. Through the Column effect radiates the heat over a larger area and you can warm up very well. There is no smoke and also no soot residue, no neighbor will complain and you can enjoy a unique fire on your balcony or on the terrace. With different columns of fire, each garden party is a success and the guests will envy one. If you have a bare winter garden, it can be used much longer, because we have a real fire, the room degrees warmer is now 3-4. Romantic fire, coupled with meaningful use. Here you can watch for hours and the play of light and the heat are a pure delight. Even on cooler days allows the pillar of fire a long sitting on the terrace or the balcony without must freeze you. You can watch the interesting play of the flames for hours, without being boring. So, you can arrange the most beautiful garden parties. Company Description: Fireplace fireplace GmbH ethanol fireplaces or bioethanol fireplace offer without the campfire experience in your own four walls. While you can integrate ideal fireplace the ethanol fireplace or the bioethanol in the former living atmosphere. Our fireplace are location-independent and floating shield. Request our brochure or visit our showroom in Oberburen. Company contact: Fireplace without fireplace GmbH Burerfeld 1a 9245 Oberburen phone + 41 71 951 75 70 fax + 41 71 951 92 57 E-mail: web: video: watch? v = oOIo-SA3_nE

New awning cloth collection sets harmonic accents with natural colours what would be the world without colors? Hard to imagine, because they determine consciously or unconsciously our daily lives. Colors give a meaning to the world. They offer orientation and affect us in our feeling and acting. “The English writer James Henry Leigh Hunt once commented: colors are the smile of the nature”. Others who may share this opinion include Doug McMillon. Because the nature is a master at producing fascinating and harmonious colour schemes. Nature fascinates not only with their variety of colours.

It also shows which colours to each other fit and how to color harmony. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Randall Rothenberg. In the mirror of the four seasons of color harmony to nature offers also the markilux new awning cloth collection. With over 200 different designs brings colored freshness for terrace and balcony. The collection relies on finely tuned, natural color compositions for smooth transitions in the housing design from the inside to the outside. The designs are visually matched to different awning types and architectural styles. They combine classic and modern. The colour schemes of the new cloth collection combine architecture, Interior, garden and nature into a harmonious unity and invite to relax.

Depending on the design and color choice, you can produce a certain effect or mood. Because color can express elegance and modern ambience, tranquility, relaxation, cool or heat and southern flair. So, the seven colours of the base collection 4seasons take up the moods of spring, summer, autumn and winter: the color palette ranges from stimulating fresh shades of yellow and green about harmonious shades of blue and beige to warm, earthy Orange and red tones. Designs in black and grey combinations accents also modern, high-contrast and neutralising. Modern designs with textile surface also the exclusive collection signature with their modern designs based on natural colour moods. Here the designer inspiration itself but also of colour and variety of forms of architecture and of the four elements. Very new to this collection is itself a smooth fabric, which receives a textile appearance by weaving a coloured yarns and thus grippier. Everyone has his own personal relationship with colors. This new awning cloth collection offers maximum design freedom with their variety of colours and designs for terrace and balcony. Find 2.568 characters more information on markilux products, on the Internet at the address:.

What is to keep in mind, you should bear in mind what? Who remember to create a wooden terrace in the garden, should note a few circumstances, to have more pleasure on the terrace also in later years. Quality of the wood, origin of species, as well as a professional base belong to the most important points that you must consider. Terrace wood natural oak which is to note? Who would like to put the finishing touches to his terrace, like toying with natural terrace wood terrace floors. Decking boards are both high quality processing, durable robust and very noble oak. Why are terrace floors better than other decking from natural oak? Who would long have pleasure on his terrace floor, should choose necessarily decking oak. A related site: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak mentions similar findings. Oak planks have a smooth or grooved surface, with smooth surfaces are preferred. On the one hand, the rainwater on the smooth planed oak planks rolls off faster.

On the other hand collects on smooth decking as well How cooking no dirt. Another advantage is that terrace floors are easy to clean oak and the maintenance is limited. Moreover, much less ice settles in the winter months on decking made from oak, which have a smooth planed surface. The slipping is thus suspended. Alone these properties are already, that better terrace wood is oak. High quality patio wood oak with the environmental seal of approval PEFC, there is another not insignificant aspect, which is to take into account when choosing wood for oak terraces: The oak, which is used for the production of high quality patio floors should come from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable managed forests, which are certified 100% PEFC (World’s largest certification scheme for sustainable forest management). With this certificate, the customer has the assurance that the wood used in the timber industry has its origins in responsibly managed sources, the annual inspections are subjected. Long pleasure on the terrace floors made from oak despite low maintenance to keep decking oak long beautiful, virtually no care is necessary because the wood of the local oak is very resistant to environmental influences.

Slightly soiled terrace soils be cleaned only with a high pressure cleaner or with a nylon bristle brush. Required to counteract the graying process, if any, the possibility a primer to the surface of the wood using a UV resistant oil. Wood flooring are offered native oak – quality and service decking planks in different lengths and widths. Particularly, it is to pay attention to the quality of the wood. To large knots or excessive humidity may have adverse effects in use. It is therefore important to check the slats with the purchase of terrace wood. When creating the wooden deck, usually a base is necessary for the durability of the wooden deck of utmost importance is. Do not save in the under construction! Ideally, you discuss laying the wooden terrace with your flooring supplier. Very often, the slat producers have such contacts, or give you tips and advice on the proper installation of your wooden deck. Finally, you want to have joy in 20 years in your garden patio. The S & B wood cutting GmbH in Pollau near Hartberg offers high quality patio wood natural oak, which satisfies all requirements and makes a noble appearance of each terrace.