By appointment current transformers can be divided into metering, protective, intermediate (to include measuring devices in the circuit of relay protection, to align currents in the circuits of the differential protection, etc.) and laboratory (high precision, and many takzheso transformation coefficients). 2. By the nature of the current transformers installed distinguish: a) outdoor (open switchgear), b) for indoor use, and c) built-in electric vehicles and machines: circuit breakers, transformers, generators, etc., d) overhead – dressing on top of the bushing (for example, High input power transformer), and e) portable (to control measurements and laboratory tests). 3. By construction, the primary current transformers are divided into: a) multiturn (reel, with a loop winding and winding vosmerochnoy), b) single-turn (pivot), c) bus. 4. By way of installing current transformers for indoor and outdoor installation is divided into: a) pass b) support.

5. Implementation of isolation Current transformers can be divided into groups: a) with dry insulation (porcelain, bakelite, cast epoxy insulation, etc.), b) with paper-oil insulated with paper-oil capacitor insulation, and c) a filled compound. 6. According to the number stages of transformation of the current transformers are: a) single-stage, and b) two-stage (cascade). 7. According to the operating voltage transformers are distinguished: a) a rated voltage above 1000 V, and b) a rated voltage of 1000 V. A combination of different classification criteria introduced in the designation of the type current transformers, consisting of alphabetic and numeric parts. The current transformers are characterized by a rated current, voltage, class precision and design.

Hand tool is used to track the implementation of small amounts of repair-work travel, do not require intervention of a mechanized rail equipment. This type of tool should track include manual shifter, leveling devices, bashmakosbrasyvateli, etc. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Doug McMillon. Most important of these tools has a manual shifter, which is used for manual transfer decentralized shooter-type P50 and P65. On the functions of some of the tools on the name is sometimes difficult to guess. Take, for example, tools with funny names – and bashmakosbrasyvatel shoe.

These tools and travel will be the protagonists of this story. In 1857, Germany had established the braking device, characterized by compactness, versatility, efficiency, and has received wide application in all the tracks world. This device was the hand brake shoe, which was mounted on a rail in front of moving cars and has a significant inhibitory effect when hit by a wheel. Now the shoe is metal structure, consisting of thick skid 6 – 8 mm and a height of pads 120 – 125 mm, which is connected with two runners rivets. Originally brake shoes are used only in order to completely stop rolling stock. Gradually, it became necessary to train could reduce its rate to a specific value and then move on. Problem solved only at the beginning of 1900 in the invention of the so-called bashmakosbrasyvateley. Use the tool significantly increased the reliability of the control speed of cars. For the first time to stop cars with brake shoes bashmakosbrasyvatelyami carried out in Europe. Now bashmakosbrasyvatel used for dropping a double-breasted rail shoes on the railroad .