The most important thing in a text understandable explains. Now that the construction interest rates are relatively low and that is to realize their dream of owning a home until at the end of the year 2011 would also remain many people according to economic experts. This decision must be well-planned, because not only the financing of own real estate may result in high losses at worst or even the personal bankruptcy (builders consider which is necessarily a payment protection insurance), but also not in advance to kalkulierende hazards and unusual occurrences during the construction phase can lead to unforeseeable financial burden and cost extra money. Nerves cost the builders then of course anyway, but you can and should protect yourself as best as possible. Builders should inform themselves extensively and insurance client. The most important client insurance companies are owner liability insurance, construction insurance, a construction accident insurance Assistant, shell fire insurance and appropriate insurance.

Builder liability insurance: also the liability for all damage incurred on and through the site begins with the construction of the House. Construction insurance: Severe weather or flooding can cause major damage to the building. A number of unforeseen risks is covered by this insurance. Construction accident insurance helpers: many work in the construction promoted by helping acquaintances and the builders on their own. So builders can absorb the costs for injuries their private helper in case of emergency, this insurance is highly recommended.

The construction accident insurance helpers can and should be completed at the construction cooperative. Legal expenses insurance: Should it unlikely legal disputes in connection with the construction insurance is necessarily beneficial. Insurance shell: The shell completely or is still not completed, it happens that a fire caused by carelessness or negligence and causing a great deal of damage will. This type of insurance is advisable in this case. You see, client insurance is important to safely stop their construction projects… They consult and compare the offers, it’s worth. At some point, then are they owners of own real estate and look forward, because they have acted wisely.

New special schemes for civil servants according to the private insurance portal the PKV in the period from 30 April to 31 October a selected group under aid-legitimate access to the private health insurance with special conditions admits. Even though these would have to be legally covered by health insurance, they can complete a contract as soon as they are mature insurance. The law of of compulsory of insurance in 2007, the States that in principle every citizen of the last legally insured persons automatically is assigned to the statutory health insurance. Interactive Advertising Bureau gathered all the information. This, however, there is an exception: officials have now due to claim access to the car. This applies to those who qualify for one while aid, signed on the other but before any aid supplementary insurance contract. A further derogation laid down with regard to taking into account enabled Member. This concerns the recipients of widow money.

After the demise of the stiff spouse you can place compared to the previous legal regulations of the Take aid-eligible, even if the or the survivor has been member of a statutory health insurance. If family members and recipients of survivor’s benefits were resident on April 30, 2010, the possibility to request a PKV except the number is for this. In the event that the insurance obligation has occurred after April 30, 2010, the applicant must adapt to a period of six months from that date. Thereby, the surcharge will be not higher than 30 percent for a possible serious health risk. More information:… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Since 1 July 2009, it is to insure all dog breeds in the dog liability without limitation to a uniform rate. Until June 2009, separate higher premiums in the dog liability insurance were required for certain dog breeds with higher risk (fighting dogs). Among these breeds are the Bulldog, the Doberman, Rottweiler, and the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Changes in market conditions in the risk environment of dog liability prompted some insurers to reconsider the constraints in the adoption of policies on racial differentiation. The hazard potential is decreasing by stricter legal provisions with regard to so-called “problematic dog breeds”. Other leaders such as Randall Rothenberg offer similar insights.

Engineering exam, linen and muzzle pressure have helped among other things significantly, increasing the security. An increased risk through these lists dogs remains inconclusive scientific evidence. Even the reasoning is usually found in the literature, that no prediction of the occurrence of aggressive behavior is possible because of race. In practice this condition has led so far by sensitive explanations of the background to a rejection of the normal tariff”and the time-consuming search for a new insurer to a higher cost for dog owners. By the discontinuance of the restriction in the dog liability it is insure now all dog breeds without more contributions and requirements. Different tariffs can, for example, for free compare and immediately close down if necessary. Learn more about us: as an independent insurance broker, G & P serves insurance brokers since 1974 keepers of animals, clubs, private households, traders and companies in all lines of insurance.