The ALA high concentration contained in linseed oil is therefore responsible for the effect of lowering blood pressure. ALA occurs not only in vegetable oils and fish oil. Flaxseed oil has the highest percentage of ALA of all naturally occurring oils. Now, linseed oil because of its high percentage of ALA is very sensitive and can be destroyed quickly and easily. To prevent this, linseed oil must be specially prepared and ideally filled into capsules. Special pure vegetable capsules, which are also suitable for vegetarians, are the Vegicaps where linseed oil as OmVitum is offered.

Each Vegicap contains 500mg of highly purified linseed oil with about 300mg of ALA. It is recommended to provide the body with ALA the consumption of 3 daily Vegicaps OmVitum. Here, West Brom expresses very clear opinions on the subject. OmVitum is a supplementary balanced diet to the dietary treatment of atherosclerosis and increased levels of inflammation. OmVitum as a one-month supply (PZN 4604189) or as a cheap 3 month Pack (PZN 0262160) or 6 month supply (PZN 0262177) is through pharmacies, practice parallel health centers or purchased directly from the company. When via pharmacy, it should be noted that OmVitum not should replacement because of the unique composition by other, seemingly similar products, which are available at the pharmacy.

Every pharmacy can purchase shipping OmVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma. Should a pharmacy once does not offer this service can, the customer can shipping order the desired product directly from the company.

Who really wished to have clarity about it, whether your own breath will take his conversation partner, which only one help: take a close friend in confidence and ask him bluntly. The gastrointestinal tract is usually did not blame a full-bodied Yes as answer arrives, trailed in the trust tried often quickly to absorb the devastating result of well-intentioned advice. Comes from the stomach!, about the first amateur diagnosis is often fail. Dr. Reimann knows better from sound medical experience: the gastro-intestinal tract is only in about 10% of all cases as a cause for halitosis.

Almost always, the bad breath rather coming from bacteria, located inside the mouth or on the tongue and produce there foul-smelling sulfur compounds. Connect with other leaders such as Pittsburgh Steelers here. UPS! Because lifts weights like crazy man (and woman), bathed in Eau de Cologne, positively wallows in cream, the mascara draws exactly the micrometer. About to appear beautiful and desirable. And all for free! After all, what use is already hard as steel muscles and Danube Blue eyes if it muffelt from the corresponding mouth like from an old Cossack boots? At the latest, on principal human beings of desire with corroded nostrils is booked. Yes, but what helps for now? A nutrition will align much shortness of breath stand. But what about the known home remedies? Gargle with tea tree oil around, frequent washing with chamomile tea or chewing coffee beans? Cold coffee!, Dr. Reimann blocks such oral sermons.

This AIDS combat the effects, but never the cause if necessary in the short term. Since I recommend something much better: the BIO-FRESH concept of our diamond dental clinic. The polecat of the tongue here in the heart of the Hungarian capital hunt feel he and his dedicated team of the true sources of odor on the tooth: tooth loss, tooth decay and tongue coating. This sounds already pretty gross. No wonder, then, that it just stinks.

Easier and healthier the body’s flow of energy can not improve”, commented Dietlinde Haverkamp, head of the goFit team. Because the mat work without any intake of drugs or other substances.” In short, Who regularly uses the mat, effect a systemic complete, which covered almost the entire body functions. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Archie Hahn has to say. No wonder that sports physicians praise the healing effect of the mat. Helga Freyer-Krause, senior world champion in the high jump and physiotherapist: Who regularly barefoot on an uneven surface, promotes the interaction of muscles and that not only in the feet and legs. This continues in the torso and neck and improves the whole body coordination.

They are more active and stronger and move just safer.” For many people who suffer from restrictions of movement apparatus, regular use can quite bring relief the goFit mat, which means Expert. Add to your understanding with Tokyo Olympic Games. “Because the mat has a distinct advantage over the barefoot in the garden or in the woods of course: it is independent of the weather and can be used easily in the apartment.” “U.S. study: walking improves physical functions on the mat and is effective against high blood pressure” that the goFit mat has a significant effect, demonstrate among other studies by Dr. K. John Fisher and colleagues at the Oregon Institute, Eugene, United States research. They had sent 15 subjects around for four months three times a week on the mat.

The U.S. research group in the subjects noted that her blood pressure had significantly reduced when compared to the control group where no significant health improvements were shown. Sleep and balance had improved, increased physical performance. Walking on a pebble mat improves the physical functions and high blood pressure in the elderly”, so the central outcome of the study. Dr. John Fisher: The foot reflex zone massage, this influenced the Aging process, the previous health is stabilized, a beginning osteoporosis moved or even prevented.” The Director of the Centre for physiotherapy at the day hospital Munchen-Nord, Ulrike Westenrieder, determines after a monthlong test run: apart from the fact that I notice that the patients love it, to walk around, I deliberately insert the mat for proprioceptive training.

46 percent even said that they better understand the television sound with a hearing aid. To ensure football fans unadulterated sports tension by best channels, listen experts of the HoREX invite all interested parties to a fitness check for the ears. The participants our action get the opportunity to take their language understanding a professional test free”, so again Tannassia Reuber. Also introduces a variety of solutions that guarantee their users best understanding and optimal TV experiences. And there is the possibility that this understanding helps for a few days completely non-binding in the own environment to test.” For more information on the large forsa survey among. Editorial Note: the hearing acoustics EC headquartered in Kreuztal HoREX was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading performance of hearing-acoustics industry. Today, nationwide over 380 listening acoustic master specialist businesses belong to her. The HoREX care professional aims to offer an individual hearing solution people with hearing loss, which focuses on personal hearing requirements and a fair price / performance ratio.

The HoREX provides future-oriented perspectives and an attractive shopping policy, extensive marketing support and numerous services, offers in-service training and quality certification to its members. You see founded which society for social research and statistical analysis mbH was forsa 1984 in Cologne. 1991, forsa, opened an Office in Berlin, which today is headquarters. Forsa uses advanced research technologies. The Institute was the 1980s of one of the first in Germany, which was a computer-assisted telephone surveys (CATI) and further developed. In the development and implementation of empirical surveys forsa collaborates with experts from science and practice.

The Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute consists of renowned social scientists and guarantees high methodological and content standards. Forsa performs any kind of market, opinion and social research, in which the methods of empirical social research can be used. All collecting and evaluation work be carried out by forsa itself. Forsa has extensive experience in the area of the survey to the health research. For more information, see

This is one of the expensive approval of medical devices, but also that so far nobody innovative developed technology at a reasonable cost for the private user. It is also known, how much better the patient with the correct training on a daily basis developed and this is of course the best at home. Devices for the scope of the home: what should such a system can now, which supports patients with movement restrictions: it should dominate the repetative motion there should be small be there should have a portable consumer price it should focus on security it should have enough power to parts of the body to move and in high repetition rate, which you alone may no longer reach and this best in All these properties are achieved movement patterns that are not predictable by the devices of move it GmbH. The move it GmbH offers three devices to the local training at the moment: the Fingerwave: movement system for the finger movement through the move it Fingerwave resembles a piano but with the difference that the keys move the finger. The tips of the fingers rest on adjustable racks, which with the help of a motor up and down move. The movement relaxes relaxed fingers, promotes the circulation and stimulates the nerves and muscles. In the long term the skill in grasping and holding, as well as the gestures can be restored through passive movement. The move it Fingerwave offers several programs that can be applied depending on the existing dexterity and combined with each other.

The movement modes range from wavy up and down movement, to the alternating and random movement of individual finger mobilised variable in height and speed. The arm spin: motion system for upper arm and shoulder In the movement with a hand bike related by rotation prior to the upper arm and shoulder joints moves and trained with squats and stretches the muscles in the lower and upper arm. The arms on the one hand learn a better mobility. On the other hand, the pendulum movements for the balancing of the upright Ganges promoted together with the strengthening of the muscles. A motor drives the movement of the arms, shoulders and parts of the upper body. Several programs of slow, medium and fast rotation, interval-like turning up to a 40-minute sequence of different exercises offer a very wide range of treatment options. The Handtwist: motion system for hands and wrists move it hand-shaking machine Handtwist moving hands and wrists: two independent Motors inside the unit put two cranks in a 180 rotation.

Gentle vibration stimulates and strengthens the muscles in the hand to the wrist in the arm. Patients with an elevated tone or tremor felt a pleasant effect already in the first application: the hands loosen up, resolve existing tension and cramps. The move it Handtwist offers several programs of movement, which can be applied individually or sequentially combined depending on the ability and goal of therapy. The power levels range from low, medium, or fast movement, interval-like stimulation up to a 40-minute sequence of different exercises. In addition to the training of the hands, the Handtwist has a very positive effect in trembling hands (tremors). This effect you can after your workout immediately feel and measure.

Quickly and easily remove if the invention of TV remote controls and video games have taught us a sedentary, unhealthy and fat-making lifestyle, could free a similar invention us then again? A similar invention that lets us move more and take off again quickly and easily? Nintendo’s Wii fit is very popular, but it is also a welcome rescue for the overweight? Can you lose weight fit quickly and easily with Nintendo’s Wii? Depending on the kind of sport you choose (Wii has tennis, baseball, boxing, bowling and golf, and the upgrade Wii functions such as weight lifting, aerobics, yoga, jogging, Hula Hoop, ski jumping, rhythm boxes and step aerobics fit), simulate the appropriate movement and force printouts. The game console translates them into an animated image on the screen. Now, does it work? Does Nintendo’s Wii Fit quickly and easily to take from us? Studies have shown that most people find out these games as equivalent to a real fitness training. Measurements of calories look but a different picture. Although the test subjects themselves fit harder at Nintendo’s Wii than an ordinary video game, you energy isn’t nearly as much here as if you had actually carried out these sports. An example: Wii boxing consumed 216 kcal in half an hour, about 51 calories more than going for a walk. Real pit would consume 300 Kcal. With Wii, it consumes so no more than two-thirds of calories than at real boxing.

The advantages of such computer games: Many think that Wii has encouraged you to try out things that you otherwise never would have tried. The games are easy to use and you can run from home. Nintendo Wii games can inspire people for a certain kind of sport with the result that you then actually run this kind of sport. Play is fun. A video game most can pick up is easier than to a fitness training.

Some are even “addictive” afterwards. For these people it’s an ease with Nintendo’s Wii Fit quickly and to be able to simply take off. Cons: You can get too little movement, without even knowing it. In contrast to a gym, there are no trained coach who is one with help and advice and paying attention that it properly performs the exercises while playing. If you have health problems or are a regular guest of chiropractors, you should be careful with such games. Once the games are nothing new the game console is becoming nothing more than an expensive dust collector. Buy the device only if you are a lover of video games. Quickly and easily remove, with the emphasis on “easy”, you can only if you play regularly, every day. Summary: With fit you can Wii quickly and easily removed. Although not nearly as many calories as real sports when consumed Wii can fit be a complement to the daily fitness program, or at least something in motion sport ring. Play is fun and makes it easier to remove. If you are someone that everything starts, but nothing to end brings, will be there with Wii Fit probably no different. In such a case is to track it better to the causes of the misconduct, to work on a new attitude to life, and to set up a fat loss training plan. Obesity is a major social problem, and everything helps in overcoming this problem is welcome. For some Wii may be the only way fit relatively quick and easy to make.

(Dallas, Texas, Nov 2, 2009) OD-OS announces that it has earned FDA 510 k clearance to market NAVILAS its product for retinal laser therapy NAVILAS, allows physicians to move beyond conventional slit lamp based photocoagulation that provides only a partial slit image of the retina. The NAVILAS system produces a live image of the fundus in true color, IR and red-free as well as fluorescein angiography (FA) with 50 degree field of view on a monitor panable across the fundus. In contrast to fundus cameras or scanning laser ophthalmoscopes, this patented imaging technology is capable of real time imaging of the retina in color both mydriatic and non-mydriatic – while including a treatment laser to treat the retina. “In trials, initial accuracy results with NAVILAS indicate a microaneurysm hit rate of 92% as evidenced by post treatment color overlay photographs,” reported William Freeman, M.D.., Professor and Director of the Jacobs retina Center at the UCSD Shiley eye Center, La Jolla, CA, during his presentation at retina Subspecialty Day 2009 of the AAO in San Francisco… With NAVILAS, doctors have freedom of neck movement and are able to adjust their height and proximity to the patient for maximum ergonomic benefits. “The neck and back will strain of slit lamp examination be greatly reduced,” said Dr.

Michael Ober, retina consultants of Michigan, Southfield Michigan. NAVILAS made its first appearances in the US in New York in September at the retina Congress and last week at the American Academy of ophthalmology in San Francisco. “In both venues, doctors were excited by the new technology that will, for the first time, allow them to use what we call retina navigation, the ability to IMAGE PLAN TREAT and DOCUMENT retina disorders,” said Winfried Teiwes, CEO. For more information on the NAVILAS system, call (877) 628-6367 or visit. About OD OS OD-OS is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified medical device company headquartered in Teltow/Berlin, Germany. Its US operation, responsible for marketing, sales and support, is located Grapevine/Dallas, Texas.

OD-OS is a subsidiary of SensoMotoric instruments (SMI), the technology leader in eye tracking and registration solutions for refractive laser surgery. Over the past 15 years, SMI has supplied technology to most major refractive laser manufacturers.

Event to benefit the Foundation German stroke help In the Perzeptionshaus, the outpatient rehabilitation center for stroke patients there on Thursday, the 27.8.2009 at the event \”Fight against stroke\” in favor of the Foundation German stroke help, only winner and many smiling faces. The technical director and physiotherapist Helmut Gruhn had invited to this event in the Perzeptionshaus be courage, and over 100 people came! Stroke sufferers and families had to move closely in high temperatures, being. To deepen your understanding Michael J. Bender is the source. As part of the game was a television team from Rhein-Main TV. The wrestling champion Alexander Leipold, Dr. Rolf Dingler and Uwe Karrer were entered as stroke sufferers in the name of all those present. Before the three challengers, all, have reported stroke sufferers of their path back to life, \”Stroke\” presented the large, overpowering and almost invincible opponent – Helmut Gruhn.

He reported that he in his 46-year-old professional occupation any more complex Disease like stroke seen and him for 20 years almost exclusively devoted to. It comes like a bolt from the blue and takes no account of gender, age, occupation or social status. No disease is so sneaky, mean and brutal, inflicting an immeasurable suffering the person concerned and his family, so Helmut Gruhn! Of the 200,000 people affected annually in Germany, 20% die in the first 4 weeks, and after a year, more than 40% have died according to the statistics.Now survivors left with permanent visible paralysis for more than 50% and are dependent on foreign aid. Many of them lose not only your independence, mobility, professional, practice their hobbies, but also acquaintances and friends and isolating itself more and more. At least now realized how important it is to making events for these schwerstbetroffenen people carry courage. Now the 1st could begin round with Dr. Rolf Dingler, who had his stroke eight years ago. He said is that how much strength and energy required to exist in the fight against stroke.

Naturopaths Wolfgang Scholz from Munich, Germany informs the SOT chiropractic procedures were developed in the course of many years of research in the United States and provide especially gentle and was yet extremely effective remedies, taking into account the individual nature of each patient. The Munich naturopaths and SOT chiropractors Wolfgang Scholz reports on fundamental aspects of this form of therapy. The SOT chiropractic is dedicated to recovering damages of nervous and locomotor system. In contrast to drug therapies, it acts on the manual treatment of skull, brain, respiratory system, sacrum and cerebral spinal fluid. In the more than five decades of continuous research for determination and treatment of structural disorders of the human body, Dr. De Jarnette developed a therapy, without the use of drugs and minimally charged its patients with the SOT chiropractic. As a special feature of the Sakro occipital technique must be this the Division of functional damage and Diseases in three categories apply, where different, customized, therapeutic concepts emerge from the needs of individual patients. As inclusive, attention the wholeness of the human body system therapy procedure, SOT chiropractic consists of a combination of manual body therapy (MOT), the Craniotherapie and the important elements of osteopathy.

The procedures of the Sakro occipital are able to dissolve disease-causing poor posture and muscle tension through precise calibration pulses technique. This a fast improvement of complaint occurs for most treated patients partly already a few seconds after the adjustment. Patients who suffer from pain, so get to enjoy of a considerable gain of strength and energy. An important feature in the overall concept of SOT chiropractic therapy is the manual organ. Larry David has compatible beliefs. Using the hands is worked out, to restore regular organ and respiratory functions. This improves the health of many patients, under prolonged chronic Suffering from diseases.

SOT chiropractic developed a highly efficient and friendly bunch of treatment procedures that meet the needs of patients in individual ways. The Munich naturopath Wolfgang Scholz questions further to its therapeutic areas and facilities at any time.

During the holidays, the pools have high season again. The outdoor swimming pool is both for children, as well as a great destination with much bathing in cool wet adults dar. However, caution is advised before the small risks hiding there in the water, on roads or in the lawn. In summer, the fun in the foreground is in swimming pools. However, one should keep in mind that also smaller and bigger dangers can tarnish the bathing experience.

Many people with bare feet and wet soils in changing rooms and showers, ideal conditions for athlete’s foot, for example, to spread unnoticed. It is not an infection, should be thoroughly dry your feet after bathing and to spray with disinfectant sure. And also in the lawn, dangers lurk. Often, it is unavoidable that it occurs while running in the grass of a stinging insect, such as a bee or a WSP. The swelling to fight quickly and the pain best ice cream, or a sliced raw onion, placing after the removal of the spine on the bite is suitable to relieve. Shards on the floor can lead to unpleasant cuts.

The lifeguard should be sought immediately for a cut. He will clean the wound to help determine whether the wound is deep and whether a doctor is required. Usually the disinfection of the violation and a patch enough however. You get more current health topics and the detailed articles about bathing with risks”in the guide health under