Such a line probably not increasingly tends to pass, but reacts more sensitive to tension and cramps. Erich Glahn writes in his book of Equitation at the crossroads”in the years 1956 the horse rising from the back of was cancelled. The way to the Schenkelganger and mechanized horse”(G. Rau) was” wrestled. “And in the adoption of the February 1953 the German Association of judges, it says in the interview: the pure speed over everything.:” we take the adoption of the German Association of judges, so every horse that shows no clock pure step would have to leave the square in a dressage test with a poor rating. What you see is, that clock impure horses (whether step, trot or Gallop) be placed on the front ranks. The clock impurity is acceptable become so also for judges, maybe just a peccadillo. But this can be, if it is said: the pure speed over everything? Where is the responsibility of the judges? Have to not especially the curb and through clear regulations punish mistakes training with accordingly bad grades? Would then be the rider not once again forced, correct and covered to ride and train? But no, tensioned kicks and steps everywhere you look.

On each tournament, yet almost no matter what performance level. Whether on an international level or in rural areas. With more and more horses seen inability today to step even a regulated and clock-pure. Which must be based on the mental and physical strain? These horses have to how tense and tense? How bad must it be actually trained? The base of all evil. u0085 the hard hand of the rider, the too short reins, the excess bridle of the horse as well as missing and / or incorrect exposure on the horse, constantly excessively high speed, too much pressure. Result: A horse that can no longer release located under the rider.

Escape sports excellence who thinks he can a Cheetah who is mistaken, because nobody will probably ever run with a speed of up to 120 kilometers per hour. The most successful athletes nowhere perform such services in the Sprint. The news portal presents sporting excellence from the Animal Kingdom. Many great records in the sport cannot compete with the services, which reached some animal species. So for example even the best swimmer is can hold hardly any longer the breath as the common duck, because very few people without breathing take 15 minutes.

Many animals remain unbeatable in their element. In nature, their achievements ensure the continued existence of the species and decide life or death situations. Thanks to its high adaptability and creativity, man has managed to assert itself against the champions of the Animal Kingdom. Nonetheless, the man is physically inferior animals in many areas. Even the world record runner Usain bolt from Jamaica would be a Not running against a wild boar, because the forest dwellers can reach speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour after all.

The Asian Strip geese, which in a way benefit from natural doping are fascinating. Because her blood at low pressure can quickly absorb oxygen, crossing high mountains of 7,000 meters without difficulty. More information: sports /… For even more analysis, hear from Simone Biles. Image: Even Usain bolt (Jamaica) would have a become wild boar not escape – let alone a Leopard. The 100 m – world record holder (9.69 s) creates 44.5 flying measured 36 kilometers per hour on the classic Sprint distance. The wild boar running up to 55 kilometers per hour. GmbH Lisa Neumann

Best thing would of course, dog owners really humanely could feed their animals, that is to say, would get on the so-called naturefood. This biologically appropriate raw feeding (B.a.r.f..), the dogs get fresh meat and vegetables, herbs, oils, etc., which thus correspond exactly to the physiological needs of animals. But because it is often time hardly possible for a dog to feed fresh meat and vegetables, it is the best alternative is to choose a ready-made food, which corresponds to the highest quality criteria and meets the needs of the dog and even taste them! This possibility is there with the products of the company natura vet from Osnabruck, a strictest quality criteria and with the highest professional knowledge-producing small and especially independent company. “The dog of Canis 2000 plus” Natura vet as one of the very few dog food products worldwide in a gentle Coldpressure process produced. This means that fed the dog not with inferior quality extruded parts, but all are important for him and useful vitamins and nutrients remain intact.

In addition the lining in the stomach does not swell (which is usually the case when conventionally produced animal feed). In the stomach of the dog Canis is 2000 plus on naturally into its components resolved optimally exploited and digested. So, the stomach is not overstretched and the danger of a sudden turning of the stomach is reduced to a minimum. Also this cold pressed food supports the intestinal peristalsis, because the natural colon cleansing of equity is promoted and leaves little chance of a parasite infection in the intestine. In Canis 2000 plus no animal or vegetable by-products are used but only certificate meat and herbal substances in strict and regular controlled food quality processes. In addition, no fillers are used (inferior accessories that simply increase the quantity of conventional feed).

So the food is perfectly digestible and the necessary amount of feeding less, accordingly transmits what is on the sales volume of feces a great advantage, one thinks of many dogs living in cities. All the ingredients are in balanced quantities and the physiology of the dog appropriate compositions gently processed fresh and without the addition of foreign substances. With natural seedlings, herbs, seaweed, Canis is 2000 plus oils and alumina pure and natural mineralised and preserved. Canis 2000 plus by natura vet at a glance: – gently cold pressed swells in the stomach not to free of dyes and preservatives – no flavour enhancers, without synthetic additives – all vitamins and minerals are purely natural – no fillers highly digestible, low feeding quantity – over 60% fresh meat before Drying (in sports 70%) – without animal and vegetable by-products – no wheat, soy, and dairy – with enzyme-activating sprouting seeds from naked OAT and Brown millet – with salmon oil (rich in omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids) – under the constant supervision of an independent laboratory – GMO-free Canis 2000 plus now more and more vets, breeders and enthusiastic consumers recommended and can be purchased in Germany at. In Austria, the convinced natura vet for years, holistic veterinarian has Dr. med. vet. Jutta Ziegler in Hallein near Salzburg acquired the central sales for the products from natura vet and targeted dietary advice and-umstellung to the clients of their practice, numerous dogs can get rid of suffering and disease. In Austria, Canis 2000 plus via the Web pages of Dr. Ziegler can be obtained:,, as well as the online shop of Dr. Ziegler’s natural food shops:.

Dog toy boredom suggests and promotes intelligence dogs need employment and love movement and action. These include long walks and species-appropriate toys. Commercially, there is a wide selection of dog toys, individually adapted to the specific needs of different races and ages. The toy it meets different requirements and satisfies not only the play instinct, but promotes the agility and the intelligence of the dog. Dog toys can help dog toy joy and health for the four-legged beside play, fun and intelligence support also, to support the health of the animal. So are particularly suitable for example chewing bone to improve the dental care of the dog, and also nylon products can help keep gums healthy.

Children’s toys is not a dog toy dogs love to play. Enjoy therefore a wide selection. But not all toys are suitable for dogs, at least toys, for children of men is made. Buy your pet only robust toys, which is tailored to the needs of his animal and consists of materials that do the dog well. Toys often consists of small parts that can be swallowed by dogs. Tennis balls for example are not suitable for dogs.

The felt covering of the balls on the teeth of the dog resembles a type of sandpaper which can cause a rapid wear of the teeth. Also bitten shreds of tennis balls can cause stomach problems or even intestinal obstruction in dogs. Often, then, going to the veterinarian is necessary. Learn with dog toys for pups own toys is especially important. Learn to distinguish which items they may play and what taboo can be such master shoes! Because we know that taste, dog owners in every animal must find out which toy is most appropriate. Each dog has other preferences for the toys. Some dogs love balls or dragged with ropes, dedication others are crazy about squealing animals or retrieving rings. Toys suitable for the education of the dog as well as for practicing a commands, for example, the command off! “.” So your dog exercise, at any time, voluntarily taking a catch or a toy out of the mouth must be for his own safety, and also as a sign of submission. Accepts the dog on this training, then praise him immediately and give you back the toys him afterwards. Have dog toys for learning, fun and romp dog toys particularly well suited to deal with an animal that must be left alone for a while. For dogs that like to frolic in the water, there are special swimming toys. It is sure that it floats on the surface and does not important. Toys, which are filled with treats for the dogs are particularly popular can be here happy puppy-dog eyes are guaranteed! With some creativity, you can make dog toys even or just Items to fun and practical toys to work for example, towels, Washcloths, and self-knotted ropes. So old things can be made economically and sustainably to personal game devices. NBA gathered all the information. In many online stores and specialty shops, there are plenty of dog toy for dog sports. The toys are training AIDS, guaranteeing that the dog is optimally supported in its education and development and stay fit and healthy.

With the scratch cats meet several important anyone who keeps an apartment cat sure knows the problem: A second wasn’t paying attention and already the expensive couch or even the wallpaper is ugly scratches. A scratching at Gonser remedy in this case. What should I do because with such an ugly thing in my apartment?, like some now wonder, but when purchasing this game device involves more than just about to save the institution. With the scratch cats meet several important requirements. On one, it is essential to have a possibility to the honing of their claws for cats.

This prevents a boundless growth of claws and associated issues, such as Cancel, tearing or even tearing off the claws. On the other hand, scratching in cats releases certain fragrances, which are used for the marking. Further, a large tree can serve also as a gaming device and as a retreat or a place to sleep. But scratching is not of course just scratching. There are, as with all other products also, significant price and quality differences. Follow others, such as Frank Ntilikina, and add to your knowledge base. Of course such a tree is produced even by ambitious DIY. Here are a few tips to make it the new toy does not become a deadly trap for the four pfotigen favorite: 1 the material. The most qualitative scratching posts consist of the kratzbaren”material sisal.

When purchasing a scratch tree you should make sure that the sisal is pure and not laced with synthetic fibres, because these are often harmful for velvet paws. Also should be sure that the scratch tree with velvet or plush lounging areas are involved. So beautiful that may seem, it is only a matter of time until the decorative cover the sharp claws of their cat to the victims. 2. the processing. When buying a scratching post, it is important to check whether the materials are well processed. In plain language this means: distance from trees with outstanding stapler or similar, because they pose a high risk of injury for the adidas. It is further recommended stable trees to buy. In the best case, they are slotted rather than just stapled or glued in place. Also for a stable stand in the room should be worried, because it has happened before, that were are hurting cats in a fall or even see her scratching post buried. 3. Design. Is allowed, what I like, because finally the tree for a long time should remain a part of the institution. A scratching post is indispensable and not necessarily so a wise investment for any apartment cat an eyesore amid the cozy establishment. Contact Gonser international trading GmbH Jetty dump 52 6048 Horw Gonser is an online shop that international specialises in sport and leisure, home and garden, pet supplies, massage and wellness, baby and toddler and Office. Each week the top seller will be presented. Furthermore, Gonser protrudes through the quality of its products.