The 2 kg divided into 4 stages: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. More than anything in this day do not eat. If you can not afford this, mozhno'neskolko soften diet. Morning: slice of pineapple, eat 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese. Lunch: half a pineapple and 100 g of poultry, lean cooked meat, crabs or boiled fish. Evening: slice of pineapple and a slice of rye bread with low-fat cheese.

Result: The weight is reduced by 2 kg every 2 days. It should also be aware that powerful 'zhiroubiytsy' more and artichokes (and the water in which they were cooked), fruits, kiwi, apple cider vinegar. A further recommend that in this age group more often … dance. An hour of active dancing burns 400 calories! 60 or older: Lightning NO DIET! Your muscle mass is only 15%. Therefore, those who want to lose weight should do so very slowly, as the lightning fast or diet, we were talking about a sharp reduce the amount of protein in muscle tissue. Try to follow the plan of Professor Volker Pudelya.

University Hospital of Goettingen (Germany), who developed the length of his weight loss in this age, the Main Professor rule: no more than 40 grams of fat per day. Here's how to implement this recommendation in practice. In the morning: instead of the traditional sandwich with butter make a sandwich with a teaspoon of low fat cottage cheese. Fat intake be reduced to 4 years Lunch: 60 grams instead of stuffing can be cooked 60 grams of red beans. Similar colors create an optical illusion of a familiar food, and fat intake was reduced by 7 For those who can not imagine dinner without meat – another tip: 200 grams of beef tenderloin instead of pork chops reduce fat intake by 17, 16 hours, if you really really want a cake – eat a piece of cake with fruit and cake nekusok. This will reduce the fat intake in the evening in '13: it's better to let a piece of cooked ham, smoked sausage than. Reduced fat intake to 10 grams a piece of cheese 30% fat, compared with cheese 60% fat and reduce fat intake in '10 And again: Drink at least 2 liters a day – it will support digestion and metabolism in good shape. This way you can get rid of the 2 – 3 extra pounds of weight in a month – it's best for you and for quality, and time. And do not forget that at your age the need for energy is low – 1700 calories per day is enough. But fruits and vegetables a must! As for sports, it is best to do light exercises, but on a regular basis and at least 15 minutes a day. Source: How to lose weight man

Calorie intake should not be smaller than the basal metabolic rate and not less than 1000 calories, because otherwise the body will switch to the alert, efficient level of spending "fuel" resources. Additional information at sports apparel supports this article. Optimal deficit Energy – 500 kcal per day. Of these 300 calories is recommended to be spent on physical activity and 200 calories from calorie restriction in food, primarily by reducing the intake of simple carbohydrates and animal fats. Nutritionists recommend: 1 and breakfast should be 25% of the daily diet, 2 breakfast – 15% Lunch – 35% dinner – 20%, at bedtime – 5%. In a question-answer forum NBA was the first to reply. In the full value.

In addition to the calories and the right balance of nutrients, another principle of a balanced diet is its usefulness – the body needs in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers (cellulose). In the correct drinking regime: in line with recent WHO recommendations, a person needs to drink at at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day, while limiting intake of salt (no more than 5-7 g). Compliance with the correct drinking regime – is not only a good complexion, but also decrease the concentration and the timely removal of the body of harmful products of metabolism, the so-called slag. In compliance with the diet. Rare and abundant meals stretch the stomach wall, increasing its volume, you constantly overeat because the "starving" certainly eat more than you want and what you need. Signal to the brain that you are full, delayed by the suction of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood. .

Many people suffer from sweating feet and blisters. The reason for this is winter boots, warm rooms, sudden changes in temperature and beriberi. Get rid of these problems will help folk remedies, which I will discuss in his article. To relieve pain, take a branch of the aspen, thoroughly dry it. Please visit olympics if you seek more information. Then this thread should be burned, the resulting ash to collect.

Next to the ashes in the same amount of rye flour and add one teaspoon of vodka. All mix well. This should be lubricated with a mixture of sore spots on my leg. The bandage should be changed when the mixture cools and the more the better. You can take one more ancient, proven way to relieve pain. We need to take two or three glasses of good oats, and fill it with 1.5-2 liters of cold water and oats cook 8-10 hours.

The resulting broth to wash his feet, and mucus – rub it on the night and its good to drink. Remove calluses in the following ways. Must take a bunch of green onions, chop it until a pulp and apply it to the corn at night, no heat! After taking a hot bath can be sick for corn, at night put a slice of lemon (not a lot going sschipat). That get rid of Athlete's Foot, you need to do foot bath with sea salt (highly recommend), boric or citric acid. You can take warm socks, fill them in boric acid and walk in them around the house all day. This should be done about weeks, and preferably two. Very well to Athlete's Foot chamomile, which is sold in a pharmacy. From it we can make broths and add a foot bath. It is important to remember that the feet are not sweating would they need to keep clean. Not nasit close shoes that are not breathable.

Usually we take care of their feet smaller than the hands. And in vain. Grooming feet, we improve not only the appearance but the health of our feet. The following exercises relieve fatigue, natural and beautiful it becomes walk. Exercises are performed regularly, morning, afternoon, evening. Stand up straight. Hands – on the back of the chair, toes pointing forward.

Slowly rise on your toes and hold on to this position a moment, shifting weight to the outer side of the foot. Repeat this exercise several times. Sit down, resting his feet on the floor. Doug McMillon does not necessarily agree. Toes grab his handkerchief. Move it without lifting the heels off the floor until your toes touch each other is not. Put on the floor book. Put your feet so that the outer side of the foot was on the floor and rested on the inner side of the book. Slowly stand on toes and slowly descend.

Exercise repeat several times. Try five to six times pick up the ball with your toes on the floor. Walk around the room, relying only on the outer side of the foot. Sit down, turn the feet inward leg, keep your feet together. Release and re-connect several times. Spread Several times my toes and try to "play" their scale (not an easy exercise, but try to do it). Lie on your back, bend your knees so as to obtain a right angle. Made movements like riding a bicycle. Lie on your left side, lift your right leg to a height of 15 cm, raise your right hand above his head. This position is maintained per minute, and then perform a similar exercise while lying on the other side. Abdomen tucked up at the same time. In summer you as much as possible to walk barefoot. Natural cooling of the foot improves circulation in the legs. Very good massage can also help. To strengthen the leg and accelerate the healing process for pain in the legs should be done bath with a decoction of herbs: inflammation – with a decoction of camomile, pine needles, arnica, with wounds on their feet – with a decoction of St. John's wort, calendula, nettle, butterbur, edema – with a decoction of lemon balm.

Each of us wants to be healthy and live long, happy life. Click Doug McMillon for additional related pages. But, also, most of us does not reflect the impact on us is our way of life. Positive or negative? If you look at the number of items Fast food outlets that surround us, to look at how much we spend hours watching television or computer instead of doing physical labor, we can conclude that our healthy lifestyle is far from. Nevertheless, even the most imperceptible negative habit shortens our lives, and now if we do not feel, later, this habit will lead to the fact that our life will be not only shorter but also bleak. You may wish to learn more. If so, Marc Lore is the place to go. Because, as the results of this tiny habits – it's not exactly tiny disease. And how to change your lifestyle? Sometimes you have so that you have taken a firm decision, for example, regularly go to the gym or start jogging in the morning, or sit on diet? And now you do, run, on a diet? Why? What do you think is the reason for your refusal to accept you are the solutions? I think the reason is that this burden was a little or a lot harder than you expected. Really? Of course, it is true.

I have the same problem was. So I understand you very well. Yes, it's all very well, but what about in order to solve this problem? I have long tried to fight with his strength of will, rather, I thought that my will stronger than my habits.

But if everything is developing according to physiological laws, the benefits of saunas is provided: a deep heating of the body stimulates the metabolism, allowing, for example, a complete weight loss and lean, on the contrary, gain weight. Improvement of metabolism observed in another 2-3 days after the steam room or sauna. Treatment of sciatica baths, procedures in the bath – the classics of medicine. From Roman baths to the Russian – doctors throughout antiquity noted the positive effect of good heat zastuzhennuyu back. Larry David gathered all the information. Colds, bronchitis, and even some forms of pneumonia are treated better if both the patient goes to the bath, or even completely cured only baths. Bath, along with copious drinking and some drugs facilitates expectoration of small stones from the kidneys, ureters and bladder. Dystonia, with her headaches, dizziness, fainting, excessive sweating and not other fatal, but unpleasant symptoms also lends itself well to the bath.

From heat to cold, from the guys in the pool and back – is a training vessel, gradually become accustomed temperature changes. Only necessary to start small: 5 minutes in the steam room, 2 – in the pool, half an hour in the dressing room, and then to gradually increase the time, but so that the 'marbled skin' was short-lived. Gradually, this demonstrative symptom of dystonia will advance all the later show all weaker, and then completely disappear. The usefulness of bath and its procedures Quilting broom in the steam room is a kind of massage, and the effectiveness of massage steam bath, after rising twice is no coincidence that after severe psycho- loads of athletes go to the bath, massaged and steamed where to quickly restore their strength.

To your heart is not threatened by the risk of myocardial infarction, need to keep under control the following parameters: count the number of calories consumed. Ideally, people should consume daily exactly as many calories as his body burns. Excess chocolate to tea, snack crackers or potato chips – all this leads to excess weight, which is one of the main enemies of our hearts. Determine effluent calories is easy: by multiplying weight (in kilograms) by the number of 28 to 33 (depending on the level of physical activity). Rate for women – 2000kkal a day for men – about 2,500 calories. The least caloric food – fruits and vegetables. Make them the foundation their diet.

Ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference. If this ratio is greater than 0.90 in men and 0.85 in women, we are talking about so-called abdominal obesity. Abdominal fat, laying around (and sometimes inside) the internal bodies, continuously allocates the blood fatty acids and other substances, the excess of which causes atherosclerosis, chronic inflammation and metabolic disorders. Cholesterol. The "bad cholesterol – it lipoproteins low density (LDL). "Good" – high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

The results of analysis on blood cholesterol can be separately specified level of each of these groups, as well as the ratio of total: OX below 5.2 mmol / l (200 mg%) or below 5 mmol / l (190 mg%) in coronary artery disease or diabetes, LDL cholesterol below 3.5 mmol / g (135 mg%) or below 2 mmol / l (77 mg%) in coronary artery cholesterol to HDL. The following are considered safe indicators of disease; HDL – at least 1.3 mmol / l (50 mg%). Before as blood tests, can not eat for 8-12 hours blood pressure. If the pressure is consistently high, you have hypertension, and, consequently, the risk of atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease and stroke. High pressure is not lower than 140/90 mm Hg. Art. If it is in the range 120/80-139/89 mm Hg. Art., we are talking about predgipertonicheskom state. For the prevention and treatment of hypertension requires physical activity and proper food. Pulse rate. The normal range is 60-90 beats per minute. As a rule, the better physical shape, the less pulse. To find out how useful you exercise, count the pulse immediately after school sports, and then determine how much time it returns to normal in the resting state level. As soon as your physical condition improves, the time interval should be reduced. Triglyceride levels. Triglycerides – It's the fat molecules that are formed from ingested fats and carbohydrates. In the form of triglycerides, excess calories is transferred to storage in fat cells. In between eating fatty triglycerides also produced cells. Excess triglycerides increase the risk of coronary heart disease. Considered normal triglyceride levels below 1.7 mmol / l (150 mg%). Fasting triglyceride level is determined simultaneously with a blood test for cholesterol.

Dietary supplements – a combination of natural and biological active natural ingredients that are added directly to foods to provide the missing substance of the human body (Proteins, phospholipids, vitamins). Introduction of dietary supplements in modern medicine has contributed several reasons. One of the most important – the human body, due to changes in dietary pattern, was require additional materials. In turn, changes in the structure of human nutrition has arisen with the development industry – plant foods began to be used much less, and after all plant foods contain a lot of useful vitamins needed by anyone. Also negatively affected by industrial processing of agricultural products – scientists believe that agricultural products in the processing lose a lot of nutrients.

With the change in dietary patterns are related, and many human diseases ranging from diabetes and finishing with cardiac disease. All biologically active Additives can be divided into two groups: nutraceuticals and parapharmaceuticals. Nutraceuticals – nutritional supplements, which are directed to the chemical enrichment of the human body. They contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and other nutraceuticals to include freeze-dried juices vitamizirovannye drinks, candy vitamizirovannye. The main purpose of nutraceuticals – boost immunity, fight food shortages substances in the body. Parapharmacy – dietary supplements, which are used to prevent the body. Simply put, parapharmacy – natural food components that regulate the internal system of man. The main purpose of parapharmaceuticals – to prevent the whole body, get some organs to work properly. In addition to preventive action, all dietary supplements are used in sports world as a dietary food (as dietary supplements do not contain calories.) Source: nutritional supplements in women's magazine

The term "qigong" literally translates as "work with the energy of qi." Chi energy is not just a philosophical term and abstract category. This has long proved a really existing material substance that can be felt through their senses and measure with the help of physical devices. Qigong – an ancient, powerful and amazingly simple system self-regulation of the body and improve their abilities in any field. You can say this: when we are engaged in some activity, the work included in these or other pixels of the brain. They began to approach the energy of chi. David Delrahim describes an additional similar source.

If a person is nothing serious in life is not engaged, but only practicing qigong, then no effect will be. Clearly, this principle can be illustrated by the circuit: if there is a current source, but no consumption of energy (eg light bulbs) – then the current will not go. Also, the practice of Qigong: Qigong is not properly deal with "only for himself," not knowing really why it's needed. Master said that only if you put in front of a large and specific purpose, then it would be a good result, and qigong to help you. If we do poetry, business, sports, science or something else, you always have a "ready" straining the brain cells – a light bulb – In need of energy. Then the qi, the resulting practice of Qigong is suitable to these areas of the brain and there is a "useful" work. Practice good result when a person comes up with a specific purpose: for example, cure cancer, or to correct the spine, or to become a champion in fencing, judo and swimming. Perhaps in order to better understand the topic of his thesis, or even – to lose weight.

No matter what, but would not live in vain, and on really want to change something. Strangely, what is the relationship between Qigong and, for example – the notorious thesis? But as the practice of qigong slowly and quietly – something in my head. And one day, a man who thinks of dissertation, suddenly shout "Eureka!". It suddenly opened the desired pixels of the brain. And so it happens in all walks of life. So wrong (not necessarily) go to qigong to become a master of qigong. Not need to practice for the sake of practice, and to improve the quality of life: a healthy, calm, wise man. And if it's wisdom, health and peace of mind, sooner or later, everything else will be achieved. Qigong practice very simple. It does not take any physical training, my fitness level, pay big bucks for lessons in the hall. It's quiet and peaceful exercise. After a week's training workshop, we can practice qigong at home, at any convenient time, in any clothing. For practice only need a half square feet and a desire to do. It is impossible and even dangerous to do qigong from books. Qigong – a serious system. All understand that it is impossible to become a surgeon or a violinist in tutorial. But some people do allow the opportunity to do so in art, which is more than 7,000 years has studied the transformation laws of internal metabolic subtle, profound and fundamental changes in our body. More information about the system can be found at Club Qigong 'Snow Dragon -' Experience Zhong Yuan Qigong and Meditation for health and self- body