After a while he begins to suffer a kind of claustrophobia. Then he was released, and it begins “” in his life to snatch. Here’s another program. The first step, of course, is similar, but the second is a change of scenery, that is, the patient is given more freedom. I particularly liked the third stage – “The Seventh sky “. Pleasantly surprised breathing technique proposed by our coaches. I myself – and the athlete did not think that breathing can teach me something new. And, of course, the most important stage – the pilgrimage. It brings up the human spirit, which seems, nothing can break. We say goodbye to and again go on the road.

On the mountain Tashtar-Ata, I find myself the first time. It is strange that all my life I have lived in Kyrgyzstan, but have never been to this place and never heard the legends about him. The locals made up for my space. They say that the mountain received its name on behalf of the war. He was incredibly strong. When played out a battle between gods and demons, Batir was on the side of good. In the fight he used not only the strength and incredible resourcefulness, but also smoothly hewn stones. As a result, the gods won. Everywhere there is peace. And Tashtar Ata asleep. Top shows that the mountain was repeated shape of a man who lies with arms outstretched. C Since then, came a belief that “rough natural stone are the habitat of spirits or gods and are therefore used as an object of religious veneration.